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Sheriff, I just saw a wrong doer doin' wrong!

–An eyewitness reporting Marston to a lawman

An Eyewitness is an NPC who observes the player committing a crime. When the player commits any crime, an eyewitness will flee the crime scene in an attempt to alert the authorities. Marston has the option of bribing or killing the eyewitness, preventing an increase of his wanted level. If the witness is successful in making contact with a lawman or other authority figure, then Marston's bounty will increase and he will gain a Wanted status.

Note that if a law officer witnesses the crime firsthand, then the witness stage is negated and the player will immediately become wanted. Gunslingers may also open fire upon the player as opposed to running to the sheriff's office.

Though the Bandana can be worn to negate the loss of Honor, Marston's bounty will still rise if an eyewitness escapes.


  • Lassoing and untying the eyewitness will cause them to reset.
  • An eyewitness can be paid off for usually the equivalent of Marston's incurred bounty in exchange for keeping quiet.
  • Killing an eyewitness may result in a witness chain, in which the eyewitness's murder will create another eyewitness, forming a line of witnesses that will eventually stretch to a law officer.
  • Having an extreme Honor or Fame rank may cause some folk to turn a blind eye to the player's misdoings.
  • In Red Dead Redemption II, players have the added option of attempting to talk to eyewitnesses using various techniques, such as intimidation.[1]


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