Face in Cliff is a point of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2.


A large face, resembling that of the presidents on Mount Rushmore, is carved into the side of a cliff. Directly in front of the sculpture lies some wooden scaffolding. A deceased man can be found suspended by a rope from the scaffolding, apparently having hanged himself.

The corpse can be looted, and a note from the sculptor can be found. It outlines that the sculpture is of a woman whom the man loved, but in carving her, he lost her love. The note suggests that, because the man lost his lover, he hanged himself beside his carving.


  • The pamphlet for Special Health Cure is found here.
  • The suicide note left by the carver mentions that his love fell for a "French scribbler", potentially inferring that she may have left the sculptor for Charles Châtenay.


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