Falling Star is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


She is the daughter of Chief Running Moon, who is the leader of the Red Wolf Tribe. She eloped with Nate Harlow and mothered Red with him. She was killed along with Nate in an ambush of bandits led by Colonel Daren on her family's homestead at Broken Creek.


Falling Star appears during the opening mission "Bull's Eye", greeting her husband, Nate, who has returned from a successful gold hunt. After Nate gives Red his Old Pistol to practice with, Falling Star becomes upset that Red chose her pots and pans as targets.

She is also seen briefly in a flashback during the mission "Battle Finale".

Showdown Mode

Falling Star is unlocked as a playable character in Showdown Mode by either completing the mission "Bull's Eye" on Bounty Hunter Mode or by purchasing the Wedding Rope (the ceremonial rope she wore for her wedding) for $500 from the Shop interface at the beginning of the mission "Sunset Canyon".

She uses the Sacred Bow, Knife, and Scorpion Revolver as her default weapons.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Falling Star is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 188 - 189 under the Memories of the Past section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing Wedding Rope or completing "Bull's Eye" on Bounty Hunter Mode.

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