The Famous Gunslingers Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards Special Snake Oil and $50.


Name Location Notes
Frank Heck Valentine On a gravestone to the northeast.
Otis Miller Boys Dakota River Southeast of the rope bridge at the Grizzlies West/Cumberland Forest is Six Point Cabin. Can be found in the back of the blue wagon slightly to the east.
Jack Hall Gang Chez Porter On the windowsill inside the eastern shack.
Butcher Brothers Butcher Creek On a barrel on the front porch of the southeastern-most house.
Flaco Hernandez Rhodes South of the Butcher is the bank. The card can be found on the edge of the roof, accessible by ladder around back.
Slim Grant Fairvale Shanty On a barrel.
Landon Ricketts Armadillo Due east of the General Store, behind the house that faces the undertaker.
Black Belle Blackwater A wrought-iron fence can be found near the riverboat company. On a crate at the foot of the fence. Only after gaining "Smoking and other Hobbies".
Billy Midnight Tumbleweed On the platform of the windmill to the east.
Emmet Granger Fort Wallace & Bluewater Marsh On the table in the lean-to on the western side of the Fort. Can only be obtained from "The King's Son" until the start of "Our Best Selves".

On a table inside the abandoned house of Canebreak Manor

Jim "Boy" Calloway Saint Denis In a mausoleum in the northwest corner of the cemetery.
Bart Love Hanging Dog Ranch Next to the couch inside the house.