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I was raised to take a man at his word... and also to believe this is a free country... so free that I can't tell you what to think. So I guess it don't matter much what you believe. But I will work hard... and I learn fast.
John Marston to Tom Dickens

Farming, For Beginners is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

John works a day at the ranch, helping Dickens build a fence, and looking after livestock.


Tom Dickens is seen building a fence and asks John to help him. He talks with John and show John how to build a fence. Tom tells John that he has to get back to work and leaves John to build rest of sections of the fence. John continues to work throughout the day.

Tom calls out to John to come help him. Tom, Angus, and a ranch hand are seen trying to move a stubborn bull. Tom introduces John to David Geddes's son Angus. Tom whips the bull, but the bull goes crazy. The bull knocks Angus and a ranch hand to the ground and Tom tells John to get after the bull. John will lasso the bull and will calm it down. John will bring the bull to the barn and ask if Angus and the other ranch hand are okay. Angus thanks John for helping them. The next day, John wakes up and eats breakfast with his family. Abigail tells John that she got a job at a doctor's office and John heads outside to work.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fix the first section of fence in 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Avoid being hit by the bull.

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