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Fences are special non-player characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online that not only sell items to players, but also purchase ill-gotten goods. Two specialty fences are the Wagon fence, who will pay players for stolen wagons, and the Horse fence, who will pay players for stolen horses.


Location Name Shopkeeper Note
Rhodes Rhodes Fence Unnamed Male To the north of the town center
Van Horn Trading Post Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail Silas Crawford
Saint Denis Saint Denis Pawnbroker Two Unnamed Frenchmen At the Saint Denis Market in the east of the city
Emerald Ranch Wagon Fence Seamus Trades with wagons and deals with usual transactions
Clemens Cove Horse Fence - Davies Brothers Superior Livestock Dealers Clay and Clive Davies Only trades with horses
Thieves' Landing River Traders Pawn Shop Unnamed Del Lobo Only in Red Dead Online


In addition to selling weapons, documents, kits, masks, provisions, and satchels, fences will also craft trinkets and talismans for players who provide the necessary components, for a price. The below table details these crafted items.

Item Price ($) Components
Alligator Tooth Talisman 40.00 Vintage Civil War Handcuffs
Gold Jointed Bracelet
Legendary Alligator Tooth
Bear Claw Talisman 34.75 Silver Chain Bracelet
Quartz Chunk
Legendary Bear Claw
Boar Tusk Talisman 31.00 Gold Earring
Cobalt Petrified Wood
Legendary Boar Tusk
Bison Horn Talisman 38.50 Abalone Shell Fragment
Silver Earring
Legendary Bison Horn
Raven Claw Talisman 29.00 Old Brass Compass
Beaver Tooth Trinket 18.25 Legendary Beaver Tooth
Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket 16.75 Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn
Buck Antler Trinket 22.00 Legendary Buck Antler
Cougar Fang Trinket 20.50 Legendary Cougar Fang
Coyote Fang Trinket 21.25 Legendary Coyote Fang
Elk Antler Trinket 22.75 Legendary Elk Antler
Fox Claw Trinket 23.50 Legendary Fox Claw
Lion's Paw Trinket 19.75 Lion's Paw
Moose Antler Trinket 19.00 Legendary Moose Antler
Panther's Eye Trinket 25.00 Legendary Panther Eye
Pronghorn Horn Trinket 24.50 Legendary Pronghorn Horn
Ram Horn Trinket 17.50 Legendary Ram Horn
Wolf Heart Trinket 16.00 Legendary Wolf Heart

Wagon Fence

The amount Seamus the Wagon Fence, pays to the player varies on the type of wagon.

Wagon Fence prices
Image Type Price
Oil tanker wagon RDR2.jpg Oil tanker $50.00
Stagecoach $40.00
Stagecoach $25.00
Covered wagon $40.00
Covered wagon $25.00
Open wagon $25.00
Bench seats lining each side Open wagon $40.00
Stagecoach 4 horse RDR2.jpg Stagecoach with 4 horse team $25.00
Victoria wagon 01 RDR2.jpg Victoria coach $25.00
Log wagon RDR2.jpg Log wagon $25.00
Milk wagon.jpg Milk wagon $25.00
Single barrel wagon 01 RDR2.jpg Single barrel wagon $15.00
One horse wagon RDR2.jpg One horse wagon $15.00
Cart $15.00
Flatbed wagon RDR2.jpg Flatbed wagon $0.00*
BankStagecoach.jpg Bank stagecoach $0.00*
Prison wagon.jpg Prison wagon $0.00*
Police Wagon.jpg Police wagon $0.00*

*: Seamus will not accept this wagon or stagecoach.

Horse fence

Clay Davies, the horse fence, pays more than a Stable for stolen or wild horses.

Horse Fence pays % of "base value"
Bond level 0 Bond level 1 Bond level 2 Bond level 3 Bond level 4
Stolen/Wild 4% 8% 12% 20% 30%
Purchased NA 8% 12% 20% 30%


  • There are no fences in West Elizabeth and the one in New Austin is only available in Red Dead Online.
  • However, both the horse and wagon fences are unavailable in Online mode.
  • Every time the player delivers a wagon to the fence their horse will be teleported next to the hitching post, even if it has been out of the whistling range.
  • Seamus will always pay a sum of $15 for receiving a buggy, no matter the condition of it.
  • Hilariously, Seamus will also buy wagons, and carriages that are still partially on fire, and have dead bodies in them. Due to the fact that he has no unique dialogue for this, and that the payment he gives doesn't usually go down, this is most likely due to a developer oversight, or a glitch.
  • Oddly, a carriage, or wagon with a team of four horses is worth no more than a carriage, or wagon with just two. Because of this, it is advised to go the horse fence first and sell two of the horses there before selling the carriage, or wagon to Seamus since this is much more profitable.
  • While playing as John, the player can buy new satchels at any fence instead of having to craft them, as the player loses access to Pearson in the epilogue. This way has the advantage to not require crafting materials.


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