The Flora of America Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards Special Miracle Tonic and $50.


Name Location Notes
Golden Currant Lakay Roughly due north of the large house in the south is a shack. On the shelf inside is the card.
Hummingbird Sage Van Horn Trading Post On the table to the west side of the shack northwest of the train station.
Oleander Sage Saint Denis At the trellis south of the Photo Studio in the east, covered in vines.
Yarrow Lakay A group of buildings lies to the southeast, almost to the border of Saint Denis. On the south windowsill inside is the card. A word of caution: A Stranger may appear on the porch of this house and invite you in for food. If you accept his invitation and enter his house, he will knock the player out from behind, rob him, and dump him in the swamps.
Indian Tobacco Lakay A group of buildings lies to the southeast, almost to the border of Saint Denis. On a crate west of the cabin is the card.
Black Mangrove Emerald Ranch Under a bench at the train station.
Longleaf Pine Annesburg In the southwestern end of the mine is a shaft. At the top of the first ladder on top of a crate.
Desert Fan Palm Tumbleweed On a table on the front porch of the house in the west.
Coastal Redwood Strawberry On the table in back of the house to the southeast. Only acquired after accepting the mission "Smoking and Other Hobbies".
Horse Crippler Cactus Caliga Hall On the workbench in the lean-to near the northwest pier.
Blazing Star Vetter's Echo In the cabin on the railing in front of the door.
Caroline Lupine Tumbleweed On the roof of the sheriff's office, behind the sign.


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