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The Foreman Brothers (also referred to as The Foreman Boys) are an African-American outlaw gang featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The gang is led by Anthony Foreman. It is unknown when the gang was formed, but it is seen that the gang is predominately or completely made up of African-Americans.

At some point a young woman called Tilly Jackson joined and ended up killing Malcolm Foreman, one of Anthony Foreman's cousins, before fleeing the gang. Tilly says it was for a justified reason and hints Malcolm tried to make advances on her. Despite her reasons the gang still wants revenge on Tilly, and they continue to follow and harass her for her actions and sees them as a act of betrayal.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The gang's leader, Anthony Foreman, finds and begins harassing Tilly upon her arrival in the town of Valentine. After seeing this act, Arthur Morgan steps in and intervenes on the conflict with Anthony eventually leaving Tilly and a confused Arthur.

Later on, not long after the gang's move to the swamp ridden old plantation house of Shady Belle, the Foreman's track and capture Tilly and hold her at Radley's House near Rhodes. After finding out about this, Susan Grimshaw and Arthur plan an immediate rescue for Tilly by going to the house and killing the members holding her. The plan goes off until they rescue Tilly and find that Anthony and two other members went out hunting and they manage to catch up kill the members except Anthony who's taken alive for Tilly. Once returned to the homestead, the player is given a choice weather to spare the leader and have his gang stop harassing Tilly or kill him for his crimes.

No matter what choice is made, the Foreman Boy's are disbanded by 1907, most likely due to loss of numbers and optional loss of a leader or the threat of the Van der Linde gang and incoming law enforcement.


While only encountered in two story missions, it's shown that the gang seem to operate almost exclusively in Lemoyne but are shown to go as far as northern New Hanover just to find Tilly. Their abilities to track and capture Ms. Jackson proves that are capable of heinous acts and well versed in the ways of keeping tabs on people as even the Pinkerton Detective Agency couldn't keep up with the gang as thoroughly as the Foreman's did.

It appears that the primary outfit that members wear is either a type of frock or shotgun coat with a vest and dark pants or just simply a vest and occasional top hat. They're also shown the preference shotguns over rifles and other long arms.

Mission Appearances

Red Dead Redemption



  • If Anthony is spared and the player takes up his bounty, he will state that after the events of "No, No and Thrice, No" things went "sour" for the gang and mention how they weren't the same afterwards.
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