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The Foreman Brothers (also referred to as The Foreman Boys) are an African-American outlaw gang featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The gang is led by Anthony Foreman. It is unknown when the gang was formed, but it is seen that the gang is predominately or completely made up of African-Americans.

At some point a young woman called Tilly Jackson joined and ended up killing Malcolm Foreman, one of Anthony Foreman's cousins, before fleeing the gang. Tilly says it was for a justified reason and hints Malcolm tried to make advances on her. Despite her reasons the gang still wants revenge on Tilly, and they continue to follow and harass her for her actions and sees them as a act of betrayal.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

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Mission Appearances

Red Dead Redemption



  • If Anthony is spared and the player takes up his bounty, he will state that after the events of "No, No and Thrice, No" things went "sour" for the gang and mention how they weren't the same afterwards.
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