You may also be looking for "Fort Diego", the mission in Red Dead Revolver that takes place here.

Fort Diego is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


Fort Diego is an abandoned U.S. Army fort near Bear Mountain. The U.S. Army abandoned the fort after the war with Mexico, but before gold was discovered on Bear Mountain. General Diego and his renegade army took up residence in the stronghold. Diego, in his humility, named it after himself. Gold from the Bear Mountain Mine is transported from the fort to Brimstone via Sunset Canyon and to Mexico on Diego's Railroad.

Mission Appearances

After Red Harlow escaped imprisonment from the Bear Mountain Mine with the help of Shadow Wolf, the two had to fight their way through the fort during the mission of the same name, "Fort Diego".


The adobe brick fort is rundown, dirty and eroded due to the constant sandstorms from the surrounding desert. There is a gatling gun positioned on the top of the outer wall, facing the inside courtyard of the fort. It has a similar layout to that of Fort Mercer, in Red Dead Redemption.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Fort Diego is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 322 - 323 under the Frontier Places section. The pages are unlocked by completing the mission "Fort Diego".

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