Fort Riggs is a former U.S. Army fort in Red Dead Redemption 2, in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.


During the game, the player can meet with a drunk stranger. After the player gives the stranger another bottle of whiskey, the stranger then tells the player his story.

The Stranger is a U.S. Army veteran who used to be stationed in Fort Riggs. He tells the player that a lot of Indians were suppressed and held in captivity in the Fort. He also tells the U.S. Army has killed a lot of Indians in the Fort.

When in the Fort, players can find a letter which contains the correct spelling of English words. This is actually code. When one takes the first letter of each word, the following poem emerges:

Waziya comes with winter breath
His trees stand guard whispering all night that we sleep in our grave
Father fought and died so quickly
Mother dies slow

Waziya may be "the northern god, or god of the north; a fabled giant who lives at the north and blows cold out of his mouth. He draws near in winter and recedes in summer"[1].


  • In Red Dead Online, when used as a gang hideout, Lemoyne Raiders can often spawn as the enemies.
    • It is also the hideout of bounty target Yukon Nik.
  • The in-game Location HUD displays its name as "FT Riggs Holding Camp".



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