Fort Wallace is a military fort in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Cumberland Forest region of the New Hanover territory.

It is a restricted area, and the player will be ordered to stay back from the premises by U.S. Army soldiers if they come too close, and firing any ammunition will instantaneously result in retaliation. The fort has three towers, a well as five larger buildings, including a stable and a prison.


The fort is situated in northern New Hanover, in the Cumberland Forest region. It is located on the south coast of the Dakota River, south-west of Bacchus Station.

Events of Red Dead Online

Fort Wallace is occupied by Samson Finch's old unit. After having previously double-crossed him, the soldiers intended to use the ammunition stockpile at the base to rob several banks for themselves. However, Samson manages to recruit a set of outlaws to serve as his new accomplices and instructs them to raid the fort in order to prevent his old partner from committing the robberies. The posse subsequently succeeds in putting down the rogue soldiers and destroy the munition dumps there.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Eagle Flies is captured by the U.S. Army, and held at the fort. Charles, in the hopes of rescuing him, scouts out the fort and finds that there is a way in through the back. He leads Arthur across the river, so they aren't detected by the army. They wait until night when the patrols leave, before killing the guards in the front of the fort and sneaking to the back. It is then that they use ropes to get into the fort, and silently slay the guards on the walls. They then take the prison, and grab Eagle Flies. Arthur breaks a hole in the wall, and they fight their way to canoes, which they use to get as far away from the fort as possible.


  • To the southwest by the road is a mail coach with a lockbox. Within is Ginseng Elixir and a Letter to Henrietta Douglas, Letter to Judge Finley, Letter to Miriam Wegner, Letter to the Saint Denis Times Tribune, and Letter to William Errington.
Note the below can only be obtained from "The King's Son" until the start of "Our Best Selves".
  • On a crate at the base of the northwest tower is the Cigarette Card for the Turkoman.
  • On the western side of the Fort is a lean-to. On the table within is the Cigarette Card for Emmet Granger.
  • On a windowsill at the top of the southeast tower is the Cigarette Card for Leviticus Cornwall.



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