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Ok so I get that cheats are supposed to help you out and make the game easy. It does the opposite when I play though. I got to Mexico and had activated cheats. It told me I could still save so I thought, huh I can stand in front of a bear and pwn its ass and it cant do shit about it. So I activated the cheats and saved it in Mexico.(My last save was at rathskeller fork i had not done any side missions or main missions) Then I turned on the game the next day and I was back at rathskeller fork! It took 2hrs of creepy ass hunting in tall trees to get to mexico! I hated that shit. I have to do it all over now=( What I want to know is will cheats allow you to save the game in undead nightmare I need to know this cause I want to try some cheats or beat the game.Also when you are a zombie can you change outfits.I realize this should be on the help desk.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Blackout627 (talkcontribs) Ok so what about the changing outfits when you are a zombie

There are some warnings about cheats and save files at the top of the Cheats in Redemption article. You're supposed to be able to save the game, but the cheats mean you can't earn any trophies/achievements from a cheat-saved file.

When you first start up a session, it loads the autosave file, which may only save during normal play and not cheat play (not sure, though). To get back to your cheat-enabled save file, you may need to manually load it from the save menu. This is just guessing on my part, though, since I haven't tried any cheats.

2ks4 (talk) 00:46, March 5, 2012 (UTC)