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Explosive Rifes

I was playing for the first time in Mult-Player, and it was fun, but I through there was only the weapone that is used in single play mode was allowed in Multi-player. This being cool, but last night I run into serveral players with explosive rifes, which diffenertly change any out come of play.

I just went through the Wiki on Multi-player list to see what weapones are in the game. There is no Explosive Rife listed as a choise of a weapone, so why is it allowed. I feel that this is a cheat, and there is no defense against it being in the game.

The player with it just sit up in a sniper nest and pickes you off has you approch him. He killed me standing behind a tree, between two buildings not even exposed to him. You can't get a kill shot in because he knows where you are by your tag.

The following is from the Explosive Rifle page:
In Free Roam, the Explosive Rifle is earned after completing any of the new Gang Hideouts with the highest score. It can then be picked up from weapons crates. There are no additional ammo pickups for the Explosive Rifle though, and if a player holding an Explosive Rifle dies in Free Roam, then the weapon is lost.
In other words, if you have the Liars and Cheats DLC you can get the Explosive Rifle by completing one of the new Gang Hideouts like Venter's Place.
As a general comment, if you're new to multiplayer there are going to be a lot of higher ranked players who have unlocked more powerful weapons than you have, even without the Explosive Rifle (sniper rifles, more powerful revolvers, etc.).
If you're in an area where one of these players is constantly killing you, you're better off heading elsewhere until you gain more experience and unlock more weapons. You can go to another part of the map, join a posse to get some assistance, or switch to another Free Roam session if the player just won't leave you alone.
If you're trying to work on Gang Hideouts or challenges and want to do it without other players attacking you, try the Friendly Free Roam mode. Also note that in most of the other game modes (Shootouts, Gang Shootouts, Stronghold, etc.) all players start with the same set of weapons regardless of rank. And of course in co-op mode or in Undead Overrun you're working together rather than against other players.
2ks4 15:32, March 27, 2011 (UTC)
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