Hi everyone!

Well, I'm having some kind of troubles to get "Obscuridad del Santo Andres" item. I even e-mailed Rock Star support...but... nobody knows how to solve it. For my little dificulty to write in english, I'll copy and paste what I send to RS. (and, no, I'm not a lazy-ass! Not completly...)

(if someone need help with anything, just ask, I'm a true Legend Of The West!)

Thanks everyone!!


First of all, sorry for my bad grammar. I'm from Brazil and... I missed so much to English classes!

Well, I have a little problem on Red Dead Redemption. This game is fantastic! In my opinion, the best game of all (no kidding!). My preffered game in life. I like it so much that I did ALL THINGS in the game (really! Even the Platinun Trophy, all DLCs (including Golden Guns and War Horse), like OTTE, LAC, UN and KAL, all 18 outfits (yes, even the online ones), 100% in RDR and UN, ALL weapons, etc.). I thought it, until I read online about "Obscuridad del Santo Andres / Dark Horse" (two items obtained when maximum or lower honor, respectively).

Then, I think: "Damn it! I don't have Obscuridad del Santo Andres! And I have the maximum honor! Well... I even have the Man Of Honor/Chivalry's Dead trophy! And my honor is marked as Hero! Why I don't have it?"

I read this article:

And also the part of "It is given to Marston by a nun when they reach the highest honor allowable.[...] The nun randomly appears [...]".

But... I really don't recive it. The nun never appeared to me. Please, help me. What I have to do to recive this item? My soul will only be in peace when I did ALL THINGS in RDR... hahaha.

If you can answer this, I'll be very thankful. If not, who may know it?

Thanks! And congratulations about this ass-kickin' game!


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