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Questions about multiplayer

Hello. I have a few questions about the multiplayer and various Shoot Outs, Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag, Gold Rush.

Question 1

What is it that I can shoot some players 6-10 times and they do not die while they shoot me once and boom I'm dead?

Question 2

Why do some players shoot me through the concrete walls and wooden walls?

Question 3

I have heard that there are some players who have downloaded and hacked the game with the robot aims and wall-breaking bullets, does this and how can this be done? It's incredibly annoying to play if you play against players like hacking and cheating to win. What can you do to stop this?

It would be nice if someone could answer me these questions.

regards Haffen7 —Preceding unsigned comment added by Haffen7 (talkcontribs)


Regarding question 3 - yes, some people cheat and hack the game. Rockstar recently released Title Update 1.07 to address some of these issues, but there will always be cheating and hacks to some extent.

If someone is clearly cheating, you can report them to Rockstar. In the meantime, you can vote to kick someone if they are cheating or you can change to another game session or playlist if the one you're in is full of cheaters. The Hardcore playlists tend to have fewer cheaters in my experience, but also require more skill on your part.

So, since there are cheaters, the answer to questions 1 and 2 could be that people are cheating, but there are other explanations too:

If you're shooting someone else several times in the body with a Repeater Carbine and they're shooting you once in the head with a Bolt Action Rifle you'll be the one who dies - hit location and weapon type matter. Check the text that pops up on screen when you're killed to see if you were killed by a headshot (which usually just takes one shot) and what type of weapon was used. Experienced players know where the chests containing the more powerful weapons are located and will use that to their advantage.

Shooting through walls could be an illusion - the player may have targeted you directly, then moved so it looked like there was a wall between you. There can be network lag between when someone fires and when you die and they may have moved in the meantime. Also, if you're taking cover behind a wall you may not be 100% covered - your head may be slightly exposed, especially if the other player is on an elevated position.

2ks4 (talk) 13:46, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

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