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Im stuck at 99,5% and i can't find the last thing to do...

i've been checking my stats and this site over and over again, but i can't find that...

i've completed so far:

all 57 story missions

5 rare weapons

all outfits exept Bureau (ofcourse)

all 5 job locations

all 13 safehouses

completed all gang hideouts

done all challenges

hunted down all bounty locations

done 18 of 19 stranger tasks

have been playing all minigames (have the outfits already so this isn't the last thing)

and have found all map locations

So please, if someone knows how to help, then please reach out.

But i've had this problem in this game, i didn't get that trophy from buying a elegant suit, but i have the suit, it so could this be that problem?

If i have to start all over again to get that 100% then i will shit bricks... question. Is one of the stranger missions you did "I Know You"? If so then you're missing a stranger mission as I know you doesn't count towards 100% and stranger missions are worth .5%. Spawny0908 (talk) 07:46, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

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