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Category Structure16:05, June 2, 2015I.hate.CoD
Wishlist for Red Dead 306:06, June 2, 2015I.hate.CoD
Poll Discussion16:36, March 28, 2014Wardie1993
Advertising10:38, November 13, 2013Hunnykhan
Please Tell Us Your Thoughts about a Game!19:05, May 14, 2012Psugame
What guns I'd like to see in the Red Dead Redemption sequaL19:35, May 4, 20122ks4
Pansey outlaws in red dead redemption19:34, May 4, 20122ks4
Bow and Arrow Story19:34, May 4, 20122ks4
Poll - What's your favorite Undead Nightmare Activity?14:08, April 1, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - If Rockstar asked you to make an outfit DLC, which outfit would be in it?21:44, March 16, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - What's your favorite Mini Game?21:55, March 10, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - Favorite Location21:49, March 10, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - Who do you prefer21:21, March 10, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - What's your favorite RDR Single Player Gang10:36, March 10, 201286.81.221.47
Poll - What's you favorite Pistol/Revolver10:29, March 10, 201286.81.221.47
What is everyone's favorite town in RDR18:52, March 8, 2012Tomessi666
Poll - Who gives the best missions14:10, March 6, 2012Tomessi666
Poll - Favorite Outfit20:30, March 5, 2012Tomessi666
Best place to kill undead03:17, March 5, 2012Blackout627
Poll - Era of next Red Dead game04:49, February 20, 20122ks4
Did anyone buy RDR from the PSN store?18:49, January 22, 2012Hawbz
Poll - favorite aspect of RDR04:33, January 20, 20122ks4
Posse emblems,pics,designs etc.01:43, October 18, 2011GREATMILENKO13
Does Anyone have a picture of Bert Venter?17:17, October 17, 2011JackFrost23
Golden Gun Boosting05:21, August 13, 20112ks4
Diffrent Bear in a misson?21:15, July 18, 201172.230.130.255
Found in RDR Original (No DLC's) - need help identifying please.19:22, July 18, 2011Fryingpan57
Future games22:33, April 16, 2011Skipbomber
Achievements19:03, March 15, 2011Annonnimus
What's wrong here00:19, July 10, 2010Annonnimus
Weapon Pages20:32, May 26, 2010Tiktaalik
Partnership with RedDead.net18:56, April 23, 2010J.M. Gatling
Red Dead Answers18:01, April 23, 2010TeslaRaptor
Expectations of the multiplay12:03, April 20, 2010TeslaRaptor
Welcome to the watercooler17:10, June 16, 2009Default
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