Rdr francine
Gender Female
Location The Old Bacchus Place
Status Undead
Weapon Unarmed

Francine is a minor, deceased character featured in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


No background information is known for "Francine". In fact, her name was given to her by Seth Briars and could be completely inaccurate to what her name was when she was alive. She appears to be a Bruiser.

After the player first encounters her, an exact same model of her can be found in MacFarlane's Ranch, especially in "Paternal Pride", where Drew MacFarlane has locked her along with some Undead in the barn.


Francine appears at the party thrown by Seth Briars at The Old Bacchus Place in the final cutscene of the mission "Get Back in That Hole, Partner". The player does not interact with her but watches as the undead Moses Forth 'dances' with her. If the player throws an explosive weapon, the zombies will attack or be killed, but if the player uses a fire bottle, they can shoot Seth Briars and take revolver ammunition. Even if he is killed, he still appears in the mission "A Civilized Man", stealing the mystical mask and causing the undead to rise again, also disappearing never to be seen again in the game.



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