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Francis A. Gallagher is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gallagher is the general practitioner in Thieves' Landing and has an office on the second floor above Lyle Mouton's tailor shop.

According to Louis Granger, he isn't a very good doctor and probably wouldn't be able to diagnose himself. Considering that he is also an alcoholic, it can be assumed that Gallagher is either a quack or lacks the qualifications needed to have a practice anywhere except for a lawless town like Thieves' Landing.

According to gossip overheard at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp, Gallagher also claims to have taken part in a big game hunt at Bearclaw Camp. However, the gossiper admits to being hesitant to believe such a dubious claim.


Aside from selling medicinal items to the player, Gallagher can routinely be found at the blackjack table in the Thieves' Landing saloon, wandering around town drunk, or gossiping about his patients and various other events. He may also be found hunting a boar or bear in a random encounter in the Tall Trees region of West Elizabeth.


You know that old-timer done shit himself again?
Francis Gallagher, a subject with which Gallagher seems to have some fascination, as he continually brings it up during Blackjack games
I heard another train got raided on Butter Bridge.
Francis Gallagher
Damn animal!
Francis Gallagher before he kills wildlife
I got railroad in my head, cho cho.
Francis Gallagher when drunk
Another wagon got robbed out by Mescalero yesterday.
Francis while at the blackjack table
Francis greeting
Shut up!
Francis responding to an insult


  • Due to Francis' middle initial being "A", he may be a reference to Albert Gallagher, who was present at the assassination of President William McKinley.
  • Francis appears to share the same character head with Clay Willet, Reid Kinsey, Herbert Moon, Clyde Beadle, Luther Brines, Arnett Buchanan, and Willie Oats. He also has the same outfit as Androcles Ott.
  • His name may also be a reference to Vernon Francis Gallagher, a character in the British drama series Shameless.
  • He and Cyril Purvis both have a phrenology bust in their offices, though it is unknown if they actually practice it.
  • His clothes may be partially inspired by a different Gallagher from the comedic duo "Gallagher and Shean", as both wear the same attire except Mr. Gallagher dons a pith helmet instead of a top hat.
  • Nigel West Dickens' Elixir can be seen on the shelves in his shop, though it is unavailable for purchase. This further supports the assertion that he is an incompetent or fake physician.


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