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Francis A. Gallagher is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gallagher is the general practitioner in Thieves' Landing and can be found at the Doctor's Office on the second floor above the Tailor. According to Louis Granger, the General Store owner, he isn't a very good doctor and would be unable to diagnose himself with an illness.

According to gossip overheard at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp, Dr. Gallagher claims to have been on a hunting expedition in Bearclaw Camp. However, the gossiper was hesitant to believe the dubious claim.


In addition to being able to purchase medicines from his office, Gallagher can routinely be found at the Blackjack table in the Thieves' Landing saloon or just loitering around. Gallagher can also be found hunting a boar or a bear in a random encounter in West Elizabeth, precisely Tall Trees.


You know that old-timer done shit himself again?
Francis Gallagher, a subject with which Gallagher seems to have some fascination, as he continually brings it up during Blackjack games
I heard another train got raided on Butter Bridge.
Francis Gallagher
Damn animal!
Francis Gallagher before he kills wildlife
I got railroad in my head, cho cho.
Francis Gallagher when drunk
Another wagon got robbed out by Mescalero yesterday.
Francis while at the blackjack table
Francis greeting
Shut up!
Francis responding to an insult



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