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Frank Heck... Frank Heck looked at the sheriff coldly... "clearly you don't know who I am", he snarled, and before the sheriff could blink, the fastest young man West of the Grizzlies had filled him full of cold lead. The town was free once more.
Jack Marston's Book

Frank Heck is a minor character referenced in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Frank Heck was a famous gunslinger. It is unknown what happened to him or how famous he was, but since he had a cigarette card and several books made about him, he can be assumed to be quite well known amongst the Old West.

In "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102", Frank Heck rides again in Hell, Heck and Thunder on Rawhide Road. According to the book, Frank frequently talked about himself in the third person.

According to the bartender of the Tumbleweed Saloon, Heck was later gunned down inside the saloon, leading to his demise.[1]

Frank Heck is never encountered physically and is only mentioned in books. There is also a Cigarette Card depicting him.


Frank Heck don't put his hands up for no man. No lady neither.
Frank Heck in "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102"
I am afraid you are mistaken, Frank Heck doesn't carry gold. And Frank Heck doesn't stand no trifling from no road thief. And besides, this coach has already been robbed.
Frank Heck in "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102"
You calling Frank Heck a liar? Frank Heck don't stand for distortions of his moral character.
Frank Heck in "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102"
Ain't nobody outrun Frank Heck. Or outshoot!
Frank Heck in "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102"
You made a mistake chasing after me. Ain't wise to tangle with Frank Heck.
Frank Heck in "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102"


  • A series of at least 102 penny dreadful novels were written about him, as the player can find a dime novel about him in Lake Don Julio, "True Tales of Frank Heck, No. 102".
  • His name is carved in Register Rock followed by '75, detailing that Heck was in the Heartlands sometime in 1875.
  • Frank was meant to appear as one of the subjects of "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman". He was featured in a cut log screen and has a character model in the game files, both of which were left unused.