A Standoff in FFA.

Free For All is a match type in Multiplayer that sets the player against everyone else.

The gameplay begins with a Mexican Standoff, in which all the players begin in a circle. There will be a short countdown, then a firefight will commence, in which all the players will all start shooting at once. Most players will die right off, allowing the remaining player to find a choice location (such as a sniping spot) to fend off their attackers. Once the standoff ends, and the remaining person has been killed, the actual game of Free-For-All starts.

Hardcore Free For All

Hardcore Free For All is the same as regular Free For All except players are only allowed to use Expert Aiming (no normal or casual aiming) to target their opponents, giving an added challenge to players.

Veteran Free For All

Veteran Free For All is more restrictive than Hardcore in that no blips appear on the radar indicating players' positions, and no gamertags/titles appear above players' heads, which makes them indistinguishable from other NPCs until targeted. This essentially offers the most realistic experience out of all of the Free For All modes since this is how a real-life gunfight between several people would be.

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