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Friends in Very Low Places is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

Trelawny causes a distraction as Arthur robs a stagecoach in Scarlett Meadows following a tip-off from a discouraged worker at Rhodes post office.


To start this mission, the player must talk to Trelawny at camp. He wants the player to come to Rhodes to speak to a teller at the Post Office, so Arthur then rides off with Josiah. When they get there, they will head inside, where Trelawny will start a conversation with Alden. After a bit of small talk, the player gives him some money in exchange for information on the stagecoach Trelawny wants to rob. On their way there, Trelawny tells Arthur that there is another clerk who is a member of the “discouraged men” association, along with Alden, while Arthur makes known his apprehension on returning to that town, considering the damage he caused there when he rescued Micah. Once they reach the interception point, Trelawny hands the player a lockbreaker to open the strongbox silently while he distracts an opera singer, Chester Damsen, and her driver. While Damsen sings to Trelawny, Arthur silently opens the lockbox, seizes the money, and rides away. Trelawny joins him soon afterwards, and the two share the take between them.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Complete the mission without being spotted.
  • Complete within 8 minutes 10 seconds.


  • Chester Damsen (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur Morgan.
  • Stagecoach driver (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur Morgan.
  • Stagecoach guard (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur Morgan.
  • Unnamed male passenger (optional) - Can be killed by Arthur Morgan.


  • If the player hasn't already bought one from a fence, Trelawny will give them a Lock Breaker for free.
  • The player has the option to kill Chester Damsen and the others on the stagecoach after Trelawny distracts her, which leads to Trelawny mounting his horse and riding away. Afterwards, the player finds Trelawny at a crossroad, who expresses his disappointment in Arthur not following his directions.
  • You can see Trelawny doing magic with a playing card if you stay away from the marker and use binoculars

Video walkthrough


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