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He killed so many men down south, and he came up north to find some more. Señor Gabriel Navarro!

Sheriff Bartlett

Gabriel Navarro is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.

After completing the level "Hell Pass" with an Excellent rating or purchasing a bottle of Tequila, Gabriel Navarro becomes available as a playable character in Showdown Mode.



Gabriel is a Mexican duelist and a contestant in the Battle Royale, as listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Prior to the Battle Royale, Navarro can be found in the Saloon in Brimstone, where the player can talk to him. His conversation indicates that he has a bad memory, possibly due to excessive drinking. He also says that when he wins the dueling competition, he'll buy himself a gun that can shoot straight.

Navarro is seen early in the competition. He is set to duel Red Harlow, but he is gunned down.


Yeah, when I get my hands on that prize money, I can finally get about doing that thing I was always thinking about doing. Now what was that thing again?
Navarro's dream
There's the guy I met at the Train station, who told me about that 5000$! He told me he would share a half of his business with me.
Navarro talking about the guy he met at the train station
What can be so hard about winning a gunfight? You just point your gun and push the trigger, right? And when I win me that 5000$ I'll even get me a gun that can shoot straight.
Navarro tells us what he'll do after he wins the Battle Royale
And he said he has somethin' to do with, well sumthin', well I remember that much.
Navarro's bad memory
Kill him and let's just get back to drinking!
Navarro when selected in Showdown Mode
Ay, por qué? (why), por qué? (why?)
Navarro when killed in Showdown Mode/Battle Royale


  • He is listed in the credits as Gabriel Nivarro.[1]
  • He shares the same character model as his relative, Oscar Navarro and some of the quotes.



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