Gang Shootout is a multiplayer game mode in which two teams of players attack each other in a specific map location. Every player starts with the same set of weapons, which varies by location. Each location has additional weapons available in chests scattered around the map as well as ammo and dead-eye refill boxes.

Teams are formed first based on posse affiliation, but posses will be split between teams as needed to balance the number of players on each team. The game begins, as always, with a Showdown. Competitors from each team face each other in a line. Any survivors of the Showdown will get a few seconds advantage to get to good positions/weapons, not to mention additional XP.

Additional players can join a Gang Shootout already in progress. The game will place a new player on the team with fewer members (due to initial imbalance or players leaving mid-game) in order to balance out the teams.

Scoring is based on the number of players killed with $50 awarded per kill. The team with the most money (kills) at the end of the match wins. If the teams are even at the end of the time limit, sudden death overtime will go into effect where the next kill determines the winning team.


Several playlists are available for Gang Shootouts depending on the player's preferences, rank, and DLC s. Some modes require the player to reach a particular rank before being unlocked.

  • Normal - Normal or expert targeting mode (based on individual player preference settings).
  • Hardcore - Expert targeting mode only. Dead-Eye chests are not provided.
  • Veteran - Expert targeting mode and reduced radar details. Only available once the player passes into Legend.


Several Gang Shootout locations are available and the game playlist will rotate between locations, alternating with other game modes depending on the playlist selected. The following locations are available in the main game (possibly incomplete list):

The following locations are added in the Legends and Killers Pack DLC:

The following locations are added in the Myths and Mavericks Pack DLC:

See also

  • Shootout - the player vs. player equivalent of the Gang Shootout.


The player can acquire the following Trophies/Achievements by participating in Gang Shootout games:

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Kill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.

Rdr gold medal icon
20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Silver silverSilver
Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public match.

10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Kill 5 players via headshot in a single Shootout or Gang Shootout.

Stick and Move
10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Get 3 kills with throwing knives in a single competitive match.

Who needs Deadeye
10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Kill 3 or more players in a standoff or showdown.

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