Gaptooth McGee is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gaptooth McGee is one of the American Army characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is unlocked upon reaching Multiplayer Level 14.

In appearance, Gaptooth McGee wears the standard uniform for an American soldier from 1911 with special modifications. He has a belt buckle, a pistol holster, and a campaign hat that is a darker drab color.


  • "Kiss my ass!"
  • "Quit your lollygaggin'! It's time to shit, or get off the pan!"
  • "You ain't got a hope in Hell!"
  • "I got some lead right here for ya!"
  • "I'll tear you in half, and fuck your fat belly!"
  • "This fight's givin' me the horn!"
  • "Get ready, you ass-kissers!"
  • "Hot damn! I'm as touchy as a teased snake!"
  • "I heard enough of your horseshit! It's killin' time!"
  • "I'm gonna' land you in a shallow grave!"
  • "Who's fixin' to get shot?"
  • "Who's next for gettin' croaked?"


  • Gaptooth McGee's character design bears a striking resemblance to Lord Baden Powell . It is possible that his character model was based upon him.
  • According to the insignia on his uniform, he holds the rank of Sergeant.
  • Like Tall Trees Ty, he has a nickname that suggests that he hails from the Gaptooth Ridge area.
  • In the Co-op mission The Escape, if you find and push a NPC using Gaptooth's character his voice sounds lighter and somewhat young.
  • Unlike most characters in Multiplayer, playing Poker or Liar's Dice, will not result in Gaptooth's hat being removed.


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