Garfield is a deceased character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Nothing is known about Garfield's life prior to 1864, other than that he was a Confederate soldier. He fell in love with Martha, who was a Northerner.

In his letter to Martha, he discusses thoughts of deserting the army, an upcoming uphill battle against the Yankees and fears of dying. He was killed at the Battle of Scarlett Meadows near Bolger Glade for desertion during the battle.



  • The player can come across his skeletal remains. He is bayoneted to a tree and wearing a sign with words "traitor" written on it.
  • The player can find a letter written from Martha to Garfield.
  • The player can shoot his hat off and wear it, however it can't be saved to the wardrobe.
  • The player can find Martha at Martha's Swain.
  • He has two red chevrons, indicating that he was an artillery soldier and a corporal.
  • His corpse may disappear if the player decides to set up camp in the general area.


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