The Gems of Beauty Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards a Platinum Chain Necklace and $100.


Name Location Notes
Leila Stetson Carmody Dell In the house, on the windowsill next to the fireplace.
Isabelle Barlow Doverhill Due south is the Abandoned Trading Post. On a wall shelf inside.
Hattie Langtry Doverhill Southeast of the trading post is the Meteor House. Inside, on a side table.
Isabelle Standish Annesburg Southwest in the mine. It is on the table in the chamber to the left of the entrance.
Maud Engel Cornwall Kerosene & Tar On a table in the shack to the southwest.
Sadie Russell Blackwater On a barrel in the chicken coop, near the Barber.
Geraldine Emerson Hanging Dog Ranch On a crate in the upper floor of the barn.
Agnes Guyon Millesani Claim On a crate inside the shack.
Jennie Willetts Van Horn Trading Post On the barrel in the backyard across from the Post Office in town.
Ilga Ulmer Saint Denis On the old desk in the alley near the Doctor. Only after acquiring "Smoking and Other Hobbies".
Fay Delaro Valentine Upstairs in the barn to the south.
Pauline Henderson Bacchus Station On a crate at the north end of the station.


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