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Gene "Beau" Finley is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online. His bounty is only available to players who have obtained The Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.



Finley was born into a rich and wealthy family. Prior to 1898, he became the leader of his own gang of outlaws and acquired the nickname "Beau". Alongside these outlaws, Beau raided the Bank of Rhodes and robbed various banks across the south.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player must track him down in Shady Belle where he was last seen with his gang.


  • Both Finley and John Marston share the same face model.
  • When the player chooses a high difficulty (4 stars or more), aim assist will be disabled. This goes for all legendary bounties.


Video Walkthrough


Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty -11 - Gene "Beau" Finley (5-Star Difficulty - Solo)