Geology for Beginners is a Stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption II. The quest becomes available during Chapter 2.


When the player approaches the hut, a fast talker named Francis Sinclair emerges and requests that the player find Rock Carvings. He pulls out a book and shows various examples and say he'd pay handsomely for the locations of them. He gives the player his card and retreats back into his hut.


Francis Sinclair offers the player a large sum of money for finding the location of 10 Rock Carvings throughout the world. They can be found in any order:

  1. Located at the end of the road on Mount Hagen in Grizzlies West.
  2. Located at Whinyard Strait, on a rock facing the river.
  3. Located west of Cumberland Forest, on a cliff facing west over the Dakota River.
  4. Located on top of a mountain at Bacchus Station, approach the mountains from the south and look for a passage down between the trees.
  5. Located south of Moonstone Pond, on a rock on the plateau.
  6. Located in Roanoke on a rock facing the road.
  7. Located on the east side of the Elysian Pool near the road.
  8. Located near the top of the mountain northwest of Flatneck Station.
  9. Located north of Strawberry on a mountain facing a valley.
  10. Located on the western edge of Owanjila Lake.


  • 1 Carving Mailed - $10, Kentucky bourbon.
  • 5 Carvings Mailed - Rock statue.
  • 10 Carvings Mailed - Francis Sinclair’s invitation letter.

Once all ten Rock Carvings are found, mail the letters at the Post Office and wait two days for a reply. A letter from Francis Sinclair sends an invitation back to the cabin where the quest chain began. When you enter the cabin, you find that Tom Sinclair, Francis' father is dead. Instead, you are greeted by Tom's wife who is holding a baby with the same birthmark Francis had. On the wall is a mural-drawing made from the drawings Arthur mailed in.

On the table is the Old Brass Compass.

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