Gerald Conway is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gerald Conway is one of the Miner characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is unlocked upon reaching Multiplayer Level 25.


  • "I've seen mining overalls with less stains on em!"
  • "I heard you're dirtier then the lowest level in the mines!"
  • "Imagine my surpise when I found you in the rocks!"
  • "Goin' down the shaft means something totally different to you, I'll bet."
  • "You're not gonna make a joke about being "shafted" now are ya?"
  • "They used to send people like you in the coal mines to test for poison!"
  • "You're more brittle than my rustiest pickaxe!"
  • "Hey! I remember when they tapped your vein!"
  • "You aren't what I expected the motherload to look like; fatherload neither!"
  • "They shoulda just re-buried you with the rest of the slag!"
  • "Wait a minute, the furnace is THAT WAY!"
  • "Didn't I see you on a conveyor belt tray a few days back?"


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