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You may also be looking for Ghost Town (Redemption), an article about ghost towns in Red Dead Redemption.

Ghost Town is a mission in Red Dead Revolver.


Once Red has returned to Brimstone with Bad Bessie's corpse, he enters the Sheriff's office to collect his reward. Sheriff Bartlett congratulates Red and informs him about the last of the area's major outlaws: Mr. Black.

Bartlett admits that he knows very little about him, or even if Mr. Black is alive or not. Nevertheless, Red heads out to Tarnation to track him down.


To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Clear the town of bandits.
  • Defeat Jesse Lynch and two henchmen in a duel.

Mission Details

A cutscene will show a group of bandits running through the empty streets of Tarnation, with Red approaching from the main road. After this, the player will gain control of Red, and have to take out all the opposition. They will be immediately confronted by four outlaws, two each emerging from opposite ends of the street. As the player moves forward, they will have to watch the various buildings they pass and ensure that they take out any enemies inside. It is advisable not to charge down the street towards the other side of town, as this will result in the player being trapped at the edge of the map with the entire gang of outlaws coming towards them.

At the red building marked "General Store" there will be a sniper up on the balcony, which the player should take care to eliminate first before dealing with the enemies on the ground. Once Red has reached the end of the street, a cutscene will show Jesse Lynch and two other outlaws walking towards him. The player will then have to duel all three men. If they are not fast enough to kill the trio in one go, the player will lose a significant portion of their health, and then have to kill the men in ordinary combat.

Once the town is finally cleared, Red will head up the road towards the cemetery, and the mission will be completed.

Mission Failure

The player will fail the mission if:

  • The player dies.

Objectives for Excellent Rating

  • None

New Game Concepts Introduced

Tricks and Tips

  • Red can make it through this level without taking any damage. To do so, the player must head inside of every building and pick off outlaws, as they come into view. The player has to stay behind cover, even when outlaws are not present.
    • Another way to get through this level without taking any damage: At the first chance the player gets, they need to head to the rooftops and take cover. There, the player has a vantage point to most of the street and inside some of the buildings; as long as the player is behind good cover, they should be able to do this easily and with little or no effort.

Video Walkthrough

Ghost Town - Chapter 9 - Red Dead Revolver

Ghost Town - Chapter 9 - Red Dead Revolver

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