Hello there, friend. How are you?I
The Giant greeting the player

Giant is an unseen minor character and Easter egg character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Not much is known about Giant other than that he lives in a cave and is very lonely.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player can encounter the giant and can be heard inside the cave. He will greet the player and the player can talk to him.



The Giant's personality is left mostly unknown since you never physically seen him and besides a few encounters, you can't even normally speak with him. However, from what you can gather from speaking with him, you can denounce that he is very socially unequipped, and often repeats statements he's already said to reiterate even though you already know them. However, The Giant has a unique relationship with animals, as birds guide you to his destination and he says that he's good with animals in one of the conversations with him.

Besides this tidbit, nothing much is known because he is a recluse.


I'm rather lonely, you see...I'm too big.
The Giant to player



  • An invisible NPC voicing the giant in-game can be killed by the player.
  • The player can only encounter the Giant only if they have studied at least 30 different species of animals.
  • Cut audio files suggest the Giant was originally meant to be physically encountered by the player as opposed to being obscured behind a boulder as they are in the final game.[1]
    • One voice line also states he had recently escaped from being apart of a circus.


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