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How about you and me toss some horseshoes?
Gladys Feaney inviting Marston to a game of horsehoes

Gladys Feaney is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Gladys's background, although she appears to be a farmer. She has a relative, Isabel Feaney, buried at the Tumbleweed cemetery. Another relative, Willie Feaney, was killed during the Ridgewood massacre at the age of 27.


Red Dead Redemption

Gladys can usually be found in Rathskeller Fork playing Horseshoes. She can also be found in many of the towns and settlements in New Austin and West Elizabeth.


Don’t hit the horses, they didn’t do anything to you!
Gladys Feaney when shocked.
Care to join me in some horseshoe tossing?
Gladys Feaney inviting the player to a game of horseshoes


  • Along with Merche Coronado, she is one of the few female characters to compete in any of the mini-games available throughout Red Dead Redemption.

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