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Glenn is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



Glenn is a resident of Strawberry and a friend of Cecil. He temporarily runs the Welcome Center.

Events of Red Dead Online

Glenn is seen sitting at a desk and tries to calm down Harriet, who angrily demands that Gus come down. Glenn tells the protagonist that he will speak with them in a moment. Gus comes downstairs carrying a dead panther on his back and Harriet and Glenn are horrified at seeing the dead panther.

Gus notices that Cecil is not here and asks Glenn. Glenn states that he is Cecil's friend and is running the Welcome Center since Cecil had to take a few days off due to stress. Glenn tries to defuse the argument between Harriet and Gus. Gus continues to antagonize Harriet, that she decides to pull out her perfume bottle and spray's Gus's eyes.

Glenn intervenes and tells Harriet to stop, but she subsequently sprays him as well. Frustrated with the situation, he announces to Harriet that he is quitting and to tell the mayor that he is going home before departing.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online

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