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This page was created for the listing of glitches in Red Dead Redemption, not Red Dead Revolver.

By listing the glitches here it should avoid multiple pages for each one scattered over the wiki.

You can send your emails regarding the glitches to the Red Dead Redemption support team to this address:

However Rockstar have confirmed that no more Title Updates will be released.

This page is also forwarded to Rockstar staff via Twitter and Email.

This page is solely for glitches with the main game for both consoles. Glitches for the DLC Outlaws to the End should be addressed at Glitches in DLC Outlaws to the End.


Before posting your supposed glitch or bug, please search for it first, it may already be on the list.

A glitch.

Some glitches may have to do with some of the game's myths, therefore make sure to check if your supposed glitch is one of these. Please include the console name (as below) if you know if it is confirmed on the specific console by at least one or more persons.

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List of Glitches


  •  Sometimes when paying a bounty the money you give will "float" and the NPC at the counter won't move.
  •  XboxLogo.png While in the plainview safehouse, the player will stand up and go through the roof, before glitching out of the roof soon afterwards. However, if the player calls for their horse, the horse will approach the player, making both the horse and player become stuck. This can only be fixed by restarting the game, or dying somehow. the player can only use weapons, but no other actions can be performed.
  • XboxLogo.png When standing in place with any outfit without a hat Marston can pull out his cowboy hat to wipe his forehead (or other actions) and the action is interrupted his hat will float in mid air.
  • XboxLogo.png There is sometimes a glitch where when the player hogties a criminal, Jack will keep saying "Get Back! Get Back! Get Back!" over and over again.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png There is a way, by using the Elegant Suit, that the player can make Marston take his gloves off. Go to any Poker table in-game and as soon as the player start to deal press 'cheat'. Push the stick as far right or left as it will go and you will be caught. When the player is allowed to draw do not put any markers on the enemy and allow him to shoot you. The player will return to the last place you saved. Go to 'Change Outfits', and click on an outfit with gloves e.g. Legend of the West Outfit and you will have no gloves on. In order to get the gloves back on, you must enter a game of Five Finger Fillet and exit it.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png One of the tasks for the Deadly Assassin Outfit to get a scrap is to kill Mo van Barr, but he sometimes won't appear as a Bounty anywhere. It is listed as being fixed as of Title Update 1.02, however some users still report that the bounty is never posted.
  • Sometimes when you change an outfit while the Infinite Ammo cheat is on, the cheat will disable, even though the game says it's on. To fix this, turn the cheat off, fire a round, then turn the cheat back on.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes, when playing as Jack and trying to change outfits, after the player selects it, it will be the outfit you were wearing before you changed. To fix it, change back into your previous clothing, then try switching outfits again.
  • PS3Logo.png After completing all ambient challenges and becoming a "Legend of the West", one can no longer change outfits despite trying from a safehouse or camp. In short, the blue "X" prompt no longer appears.
  • XboxLogo.png On rare occasions, when selecting the John Marston in outfitter in Multiplayer Free Roam, then immediately leaving the session, if the player has completed the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed", the player will be playing as John, not Jack. The player will stay as John until the player exit to the main menu.
  • PS3Logo.png XboxLogo.png One of the two Ammo Belts on the Bandito's outfit won't show on occasion.
  • Sometimes when wearing either the Deadly Assassin's outfit or the US Army outfit when going into multiplayer while your character is John Marston, Jack Marston or Undead Marston, you will be wearing one of those two outfits.
  • While playing as Jack in singleplayer, changing outfits may not register visually. Changing from the Cowboy Outfit to the Elegant suit will still have the benefits of the Elegant Suit, but he won't visually change from the Cowboy Outfit.

Gameplay (General)

On the Game Of The Year edition on PlayStation3, in the area near the man who is making horseshoes at Armadillo, there are 2 benches that NPCs can sit on. If you stand by the nearby fence, then jump at the sideways facing bench directly in front of you, you will be instantly shot back to the fence. It is possible that, due to the tremendous speed, there may be a way to glitch out of the fence, helping speedrunners to travel across New Austin quickly, albeit backwards. Speedrunners of other popular games have found that there are many glitches with how fast you can be shot backwards, so it isn't too far fetched to assume a similar glitch can occur here.

Xbox 360, If you're doing a bounty hunt on Mercer Station and the bounty target is hit by a train dying in consequence you will be unable to either loot him or hogtie him as it'll be dead, the mission will freeze and the only way to fix is killing yourself to do it again.

Xbox 360, On Shaky's Ground, when leaving the warehouse, leaving on the stagecoach with Irish it won't move unless you kill yourself, then when you get back to the screen; the stagecoach will move

  • Game breaking bug/ glitch during introduction on PS3 version: At the very beginning of the game, you enter the saloon and encounter Jake. You are instructed to follow Jake outside, get on a horse hitched next to his, and the two of you travel out of town on horseback. You stop at the train tracks and wait for a train to go past. The train passes and the two of you continue for only a few hundred metres at most, before John Marston and his horse sink into the ground. Sometimes far underground so that you can look up at the terrain that appears to be floating, sometimes only knee or ankle deep. John can get off his horse, shoot his gun, but that's about the extent of the playability at this point. No other movement is possible. Pressing the 'start' button brings up the red screen but no menu options appear. Because this occurs during the introduction to the game, it is entirely game breaking and renders Red Dead Redemption unplayable.
  •  The Dead Face Glitch: This is an extremely common and minor glitch, that occurs anywhere and everywhere. Once an NPC has died there faces will distort and disfigure. For example their noses will become huge and turned up, pig like. Their eyes would look like they were stretched out, their teeth will be floating up from their closed mouths. Although this may not happen on Playstation 3, it is worth looking through a scope or binoculars . It is confirmed in a multitude of cases on Xbox 360. Even in while playing missions/stories, characters such as Nastas or John Marston have had their faces distorted in death, although this glitch does not effect anything, or change anything, it can be pretty freaky to see.
  • This is both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, if you go to the Bank in Armadillo, go to the room with the safe and go in between the safe and the wall, its best to run and jump into this space, then crouch and block (this is when Marston raises his fists to his face and you must be unarmed to do this) You will fly up extremely high in the air, spawn under the map or teleport to a random place in the map. You may have to repeat this a few times but its fairly easy, if you don't understand the controls, just make sure you're unarmed and press random controls and it should work. This is confirmed on both multiplayer and single player, and definitely works as of 31/5/15.
  • When visiting the Cinema in Armadillo, upon exiting your horse will of spawned in the Amadillo jail/sheriffs office, you cannot ride it or call it out, but eventually the horse will just walk out.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If the player rides into Cochinay and dismounts directly next to a certain building (so that they dismount into a building), they will occasionally ragdoll uncontrollably for a while, before popping out of the building and flying through the air, dying upon landing. Note that this glitch is only possible as John. The player is able to draw, aim and shoot with weapons while the glitch is active, although most of the time this is impossible whilst ragdolling.
  • PS3Logo.pngSometimes, when trying to join a game of poker in Armadillo, Marston will be frozen for several seconds (although the menu still works). After he unfreezes, all the textures will become extremely lo-res. Can be fixed by triggering the stumble animation on an NPC.
  • XboxLogo.pngRarely, upon killing both NPC's in a stagecoach, the horses will be pulled into the stagecoach. The stagecoach will become unrideable, and one or both horses may disappear as well.
  • XboxLogo.pngOccasionally when shooting a sprinting NPC, the NPC will not take damage but instead teleport back a few yards and continue sprinting.
  • XboxLogo.pngSometimes, when shooting a NPC who is mounted on a horse, the NPC will "bounce" on his horse, standing on it for a split-second before returning to normal position. Even rarer, the NPC may become invincible, bouncing everytime he is shot but taking no damage.
  • XboxLogo.pngSometimes a glitch will occur where all objects from the ground will appear to be in the sky and also the other way around. This glitch usually corrupts your game and console.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngOccasionally when lassoing a bull the player will be pulled along (without falling or being injured) by the bull at full speed.
  • XboxLogo.pngIf the player stands behind the jail in McFarlane's Ranch, behind the crates, use the Coach cheat in the options menu (NOW WHO PUT THAT THERE?) and the coach will either appear next to the jail with no horses, or on top of the roof with the horses dead on the floor, it will sink through the wall and appear unharmed on the roof, or glitch into the wall then float upwards. Sometimes, if the player tries to do this loads of times, a small floating light will appear.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngAfter hunting most of the bounties or all of the bounties in the New Austin region, ALL the bounties will repeatedly become Dale Chesson and will not change after any amount of capturing and/or killing him.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If your horse or a horse drawn vehicle is over a killed animal, or the animal is under an outcrop the skinning animation will not take place. Instead, you will automatically receive the correct provisions for that animal.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes when sprinting, doors will open before you touch them.
  • XboxLogo.png After administering Horse Pills to increase stamina, a chair will spawn on the horse's head but quickly fall off.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Multiplayer, the player can still get into John Marston's house. To do so, first shoot out all the windows on the right side of the Marston house's door. Once there is no more glass left in the window, leave the porch. Stand next to the rock in front of the house, and face the windows, then run at top speed toward them. Just jump over the railing, and hop through the window. The only way out is to either kill one's self or to jump back out the window.
    • Since June 2011 running into Jack's room will teleport the player out of the house.
  • Sometimes Marston will have a long neck glitch. This can be found at
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes, if the player constantly punches the piano player in Armadillo, you will spawn in the middle of the air, just floating, not falling. The only way to fix this is to die or reload.
  • XboxLogo.png After jumping from the Blackwater Cinema roof onto the roof next to it, if the player tries to jump back, the player may end up stuck inside the cinema, with no way to exit. The only known way to get out is to become wanted and let the police arrest you.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngSometimes, in multiplayer the player will find a stagecoach with a horse half-way attached, if you get on the horse you will fly up in the air and stay there. The only way to get down is to kill your horse which causes you to fall to your death.
  • XboxLogo.png While in Blackwater, the player may push the piano player in the safehouse/bar and will mysteriously spawn in the air in the middle of the street, fall and die. This has been tested multiple times but does not work every time you try. It is still unknown if you can do this in Multiplayer.
  • XboxLogo.pngAlso in Blackwater, especially near the gazebo, NPCs may be seen sitting on a park bench backwards. Their legs appear to go right through the back of the chair and they otherwise behave normally.
  • XboxLogo.png In single player, when putting bait down, a green dot should appear. If the player is attacked when in the process of putting bait down, the dot will not appear but the warning to move away from the bait will appear. It will still attract animals.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngAnother bait related glitch: in single player just south of Beecher's Hope (just above the 5th tree from the fence) when the player puts down bait you will be stuck on top of the bait until something (usually cougars) kill you. The player cannot call your horse, mount or shoot. The player can, however, set up your camp, leave the camp and this will free you.
  • XboxLogo.png In single player, when putting down bait there might be a message saying to move away from people when there is no one around. This often occurs when the horse is near, meaning the bait recognizes a horse as an NPC, not an animal.
  • In the mission "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit" when the player is in the barn, one of the many dead people is a woman on a hay bale. On occasion, her head will spin.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png This can happen in Tall Tress or any location including Mexico, wherein the man who challenges the player to kill X amount of birds in X amount of time at X wager tried to wager 0 dollars with the player to kill 0/0 birds in 0 time. Upon accepting his challenge, it is an immediate failure.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes flocks of birds will stop flying, and remain in one spot in the air. They will still occasionally flap their wing, to no reaction.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When on the train, if the player incapacitates the driver (e.g. shoot him in both of his legs), he will fall against the pile of wood, and then display the animation when an NPC gets hit by the train. The train will continue to function normally, probably because the game will stop the train only if the player kills the driver, but technically he was killed by the train, which is usually impossible. If the player shoots one of the passengers after the player does this glitch the train will stop.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The bandolier turns on and off at random times. This means when you have 200 ammunition for repeaters or rifles, it will go back down to the maximum of 100 when the bandolier turns off. The bandolier can be turned back on if you reset your console a couple of times or so, but its possible for it to turn off again. Here's a tip though: if you have the improved campsite, you can easily just

    Uncle is a Cougar.

    drain a repeater and rifle of all its ammo, then use the campsite to gain the full 200 for both types of weapons. This glitch seems to take place often after the forced outfit switch in "The Outlaw's Return".
  • Deer in house

    XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png This is very rare but if the player gets drunk and tries to go up the stairs in the Armadillo saloon there's a possibility that you will glitch through the middle of the stairs and become trapped in between the bathroom and the bottom of the stairs. The solutions are either to kill yourself or load a previous save.
  • XboxLogo.png Occasionally, a male civilian will be floating high above armadillo. Shooting him will make him fall and will cause you to become wanted.
  • XboxLogo.png If the player enters the 'Hic' cheat, then hold B to look at a Wanted Poster, the player character will stretch his arms out, turn into a ragdoll, and then repeat over and over until it moves off the porch (e.g. the MacFarlane's Ranch sheriff's office wooden porch), the player can then run around like normal, however, the player will turn into a ragdoll a few seconds later, and warp back to normal, then fall again and so on.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Your playing time will sometimes show a larger amount than it is. For example, having the game for a day and it showing 21 hours.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngThere is an odd glitch that makes your horse fly while riding in single player. The player can get down by killing the horse, but after that the game gets very buggy. If the player fast travels, your character will get stuck, major part of textures are missing, and people are flying and going underground. Some other glitches may also appear. Restarting the console is the only fix.
  • XboxLogo.png Bandito bounties out of Chuparosa when hogtied cannot be placed on horse for transport.
  • XboxLogo.png Bandito bounties out of Chuparosa when returned alive won't give you the scrap for the Bandito outfit.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The multiplayer challenge where the player must kill the legendary boar is glitched. Sometimes "Gordo" the legendary boar will not appear, no matter how many boars are killed.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes a train has no driver. This can occur when riding alongside the train, on the train when moving, and when the train is at a train station. The train still operates as it normally would just without the driver.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If the player shoots and jump through one of the windows in the back of the Thieves' Landing Saloon, the player will fall through the floor and will be trapped under the back of the Saloon.
  • PS3Logo.png Occasionally, after riding a coach to a location, all of the player's money will mysteriously disappear. This continues to occur even after becoming a rank 10 Treasure Hunter.
  • XboxLogo.png In Free Roam, when two people attempt to get on a mount at the same time, the game will put both players on the mount. The person who did NOT call the mount will have the most control of it.
  • PS3Logo.pngSometimes when calling for your horse whilst already mounted on it, the horse will buck you off and the player is forced to sprint in a single direction and you are unable to control him for a brief period. It is possible to aim your weapons in this state but you are unable to use them, and you cannot whistle for your mount during this period.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes when the player mounts a horse, he will be standing on it for a moment. After he starts moving, this glitch usually goes away. (This has only been confirmed when mounting your horse by leaping on it from behind).
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngOccasionally, when attempting to complete various Gang Hideouts, especially Pike's Basin and Gaptooth Breach, an enemy will get stuck in part of the environment. In Pike's Basin, an enemy (usually the last one) will get trapped in the mountain near where the two bridges are. In some cases, you can kill him by throwing Dynamite on the mountain near where the red marker is on the map. In other cases, the player cannot kill him, making the Gang Hideout impossible to complete. In Gaptooth Breach, an enemy will get stuck in the furnace on the second floor of one the buildings. However he can always be killed by throwing Dynamite near the furnace. The glitch for the Xbox XboxLogo.png has occurred in Free Roam.
  • PS3Logo.png When activating the 'Hic' cheat, then doing a job (e.g. Nightwatch) Marston will walk normal, then suddenly fall forward, sliding across the ground.
  • XboxLogo.png When using a coach to travel, if the player gets on, choose a destination and select to skip the ride you can fire a few shots before going to a loading screen. This will scare the driver and cause him to jump off. You will then be brought to a never-ending loading screen. Simply reset and no harm will befall the game.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngWhen in MacFarlane's Ranch, go to the sheriff's office and start punching the sheriff or any other NPC until they fall on the floor. Make sure they are right near the cell on the left side, then when they stand up they might just glitch into the cell.
  • XboxLogo.png If you pull the left stick down just slightly to the left or right,you should find yourself "drifting" on your horse with no sound effects of galloping. This can be useful for quickly getting around tight corners.
  • XboxLogo.png When tying up someone, a civilian may walk into you and be stuck to either you or the person you hogtied. The person the pedestrian is attached to will still be able to control itself. Both people will act normally but the attached person will neither be able to move nor interact with anything
  • . This can be fixed by either running the hybrid creature over with your horse, lassoing the attached person, or killing the attached person.
  • XboxLogo.png If the player hogties a person and put them on the railway tracks and cut them free as the train is almost on top of the player, it will glitch onto the train.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngOn occasion when pressing Start, the red and black overlay will appear, but no options/time/information will be shown. The selecting sound can be heard and when "accessing" the map, the player can hear sounds such as clearing and setting waypoint, but the screen will still be stuck on the overlay. Paired with this glitch is another, where the player aims with LT/L2, but no weapon is drawn and the player cannot defend themselves. The glitch may be corrected by pressing Start multiple times until you see the correct layout, but this is a rare fix. Restarting the console ultimately solves the problem.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngSometimes, honor will not change when you kill a lawman.
  • XboxLogo.png When the player has to kill Allende and Williamson, if you choose to kill both with a fire bottle the following cutscene will not play, and you will be stuck aiming at them, until you restart the game.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngSometimes, when in the wilderness, the player may encounter animal-human hybrids, such as:(These are all definitely patched, although one-off glitches may occur on an individual game.)
The Snakeman:
The Donkey Woman:
The Cougar-man:
Bird People:
Wolf-man (Not Werewolf):
  • PS3Logo.png A lady will be sitting in mid-air as if on a seat. Take the yellow clothed prostitute and sit her in the flat tracks by the uphill slant from Cholla Springs to Hennigan's Stead. Shoot a red deer, then wait for the train and the train scene occurring. A lady will fly out of the back and stay in chair position and sit there until you aim a gun, then she flies down and runs at an unusually high speed.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngIn Free Roam, if the player goes to jump on the woodpile on the backside of the Foreman's Office at MacFarlane's Ranch, the player will go through the wall and into the jail cell. The only way out is to die or have a friend call their mount and stand next to the wall directly outside the jail cell (this works for all glitches where you go inside a building)
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When lassoing people, occasionally they will deflect the lasso and hit the floor frozen with their arms upward, unable to be lassoed further.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Occasionally, the player will see a wagon in the distance warping forward 15–20 feet several times, and then disappearing. Confirmed in both Single Player and Free Roam.
  • XboxLogo.png In the mission Wild Horses, Tamed Passions, if the player takes Bonnie MacFarlane's horse, she will take yours, then later, when the player gets off her horse to tame a wild horse, she will get off your horse, get on hers, and the player will not be allowed to get back on yours, or pull her off of hers. One way to fix this is reloading the last saved game.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes the game will freeze at 3 or 4 bullets in the loading screen. To fix this, clear/delete the cache of the game. For PS3Logo.png, simply delete the game options. The game options are found in the save data folder.
  • XboxLogo.png If marking a rope with throwing knives, the knife will try desperately to hit the rope, although it can't. This will result in the knife turning back around the rope to try to hit it again, and will repeatedly do this in lightning speed until it hits an object, or disappears.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If the player activates dead eye and targets a target with a dynamite or fire bottle , the dynamite/fire bottle will follow the target.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Horse blood glitch after being hit by cannon ball. Here is a photo.

    Horse blood Glitch

  • PS3Logo.png In the last stranger mission, 'Remember My Family,' it's possible to become stuck in the duel with Ross. He turns and faces the water instead of the player, but Jack retains full control even when the camera is in Duel mode. You can shoot Ross with normal weapons, but the only way to get out of the camera mode is to exit the game altogether.
  • Rabbit in Cochinay

    PS3Logo.png Occasionally, you may encounter a bobcat chasing an NPC in Mexico. If you shoot the bobcat in its tail, it will spawn 40 feet in the air. It may walk in circles in the air, but it won't move much. To get it down the player must shoot it or reload. When it hits the ground it will die, fall through the ground, or land unharmed. It may also land on or near a NPC, if this happens, it will try to kill them.
  • XboxLogo.pngIf the player shoots a bird from Nekoti Rock in tall trees, and it lands outside the game world a bear will suddenly spawn in the sky over the forest and fall into the trees. It is unknown where the bear lands.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, if the player is able to lasso the legendary boar, it may start walking, running, trotting, etc., backwards until you kill him.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes, if the player lassoes and hogties a woman from Blackwater Saloon, the hogtie will not appear on the woman. If the player tries to pick her up, the cutscene will trigger, but she won't be picked up (she will be frozen on the ground). You can't put her on your horse. The only confirmed way to get out of the glitch is to leave the area, or cut her free.
  • XboxLogo.png If the player has multiple save files with different honor levels (e.g. One with Hero honor and one with Desperado honor) loading a save file and then another save file with noticeably different honor may cause the game to confuse the two honor levels. Occasionally when doing things that would lower or raise your honor, the honor meter that appears on the bottom of the screen will show the honor level of your other save file and will subtract/add X amount of points from that honor level. However, the status screen will still show that you still have the same honor level you did before. And the other save file will be ineffected. This is especially noticeable if second save file you load has an honor level of Desperado, in which committing villainous acts would normally not cause the meter to appear at all because the player cannot lose anymore honor.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, when entering the Armadillo Saloon, the four poker players and their chairs will be replaced by boars or cougars. They will act as normal, attacking if they see the player. They, however can not walk through the door, and can be killed and skinned as normal. There are numerous ways to fix the glitch; they include leaving the saloon and using binoculars.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes, when in Blackwater on singleplayer, the player may sees a female NPC or less commonly a covered wagon with no horses floating high over the town or Flat Iron Lake.
  • PS3Logo.png On very rare occasions, a bartender in a saloon may appear completely invisible, causing a bottle to magically float in the air and pour a drink for you when you choose. The bartender reappears out of nowhere after a few seconds. This glitch may be most likely to happen when getting a drink from the Armadillo saloon after clearing out the gangs at Twin Rocks.
  • PS3Logo.png On rare occasions while freshly loading your game, A Hungarian Half-bred (provided you have it hitched) may glitch its color, resembling that of a Cleveland Bay, only with a shortened tail and exempting the latter's black spots (it will appear very brown). After a few seconds though, it will change back to its pale white color.
  • XboxLogo.png When trying to gather plants or hogtie a person Marston will just stand in the same location and won't do anything, and the only working controls are the right thumbstick and pause forcing the player to reload a previous save.
  • PS3Logo.png In the Blackwater hotel the player can shoot through the wall. Go to the bedroom at the top and jump between the bedside table and the wall and push R1 immediately to slide cover, then pushing L2 you can aim at the top of the stairs
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes, when in Torquemada, Blackwater, and rarely around The Hanging Rock, if the player punches a NPC, a cougar (or in Blackwater, a bear) will spawn a few feet above the NPC, and will quickly kill it. Be aware, however, the cougar (or bear) is still hostile towards the player, and may attack the player, or other NPCs in the area.
  • XboxLogo.png At MacFarlane's Ranch when the player takes cover on the woodpile you will be glitched into the air and fall to your death.
  • PS3Logo.pngWhen reloading at the safehouse at MacFarlane's Ranch, sometimes the player will exit to find their hitched horse has turned invisible. The horse can be mounted and ridden as normal, but only the reins will be visible (causing an amusing "floating bridle" effect, as well as making John look like he's flying). Resetting the game fixed the issue.
  • XboxLogo.png When completing the US Marshal Uniform outfit (complete all US Gang Hideouts in a single 24-hour period), when completing Fort Mercer, the 'Fort Mercer Complete' screen will not trigger, despite the fact that you have killed all of the enemies and gone into the treasure room with the person you have aided through the fort. You cannot continue on with the rest of the hideouts because it will not unlock the outfit if you have not completed Fort Mercer.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes when the player sees a woman being kidnapped the woman will be standing on top of her kidnapper but after a few seconds will return to the normal "kidnapping position".
  • XboxLogo.png (Needs confirmation) This glitch causes all NPCs, animals, and trains to disappear from the game. While riding the stagecoach, if you encounter another stagecoach being attacked by bandits, you can fire your weapon on the bandits to initiate your participation in defending it. This causes your stagecoach to disappear, and you will glitch into a standing position at the spot where you were sitting. After this, the textures will revert and start loading into the game, and the bandits will still be attacking you. After dealing with them, set up a campsite and fast travel (I went to Manzanita Post), and the game may load the area with no NPCs (for me it loaded the dog and the shopkeeper who was in bed). Saving the game at your safehouse, or even just progressing time in the bed will not cause new NPCs to load (the shopkeeper opened his store the next day). With this glitch the player can complete the Survivalist and Treasure Hunter challenges without being bothered by criminals/innocents or animals, and if the player follows a train's location on your map, it will not render, though the whistle can still be heard. Stagecoaches will load with no horses or driver. Resetting your console will revert everything back to normal.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, when playing Undead Overrun, if the player covers behind a Grave, and a Retcher explodes next to you, you may be thrown to the other side of the Graveyard.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes in Free Roam NPC Stagecoaches will have their wheels slightly buried in the ground and the wheels wont turn but will still move, the Stagecoach will be sliding down the road and the wheels will stay the same if the player takes control of the stagecoach.
  • XboxLogo.pngWhen you completed the fort mercer hideout vultures will spawn after you shoot a vulture and lands on a small roof at the left of the main gate if you collect its feathers you will fall on the "great beyond" and will be trapped underground. To fix this you can kill yourself with dynamite.
  • XboxLogo.pngWhen you have completed the Tesoro Azul hideout, vultures will spawn. Sometimes when you search a vulture that you've shot that has landed on top of a house, you will sink into the house. If the house is one that the doors won't open, you'll either have to kill yourself or reload a save.
  • PS3Logo.png When taking on an escort mission of a stranded lady with a broken wagon just south of Broken Tree, after you have escorted the lady to Blackwater Harbor she will start running around and shouting, only to run straight into the water and die.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Upon entering the saloon in Blackwater at late night or early in the morning, there are no people in the saloon, but you can still order a drink. After having the drink, the saloon gets filled with people, and two Blackjack players are sitting two feet away from the blackjack table, with their hands extended, and the dealer does not deal any cards.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes, when entering Blackwater on horseback and travelling at high speeds, the player will skip a  few feet and the game will freeze. This skipping can happen multiple times before the game returns to normal. If the player dismounts during this time, the player will fall through the map and can end up in different locations.
  • PS3Logo.pngXboxLogo.png Occasionally herbs may disappear as they are approached and cannot be collected because of so.
  • XboxLogo.png It is possible that if the player who has reached West Elizibeth climbs onto the train (highlighted in blue on the map) and shoves the conductor several times he will slide backwards off the train at a high speed, and if the player then walks slowly toward the front of the engine, it will push him back, and if this is repeated and the player backs up and looks foreword, the train will start traveling extremely fast. The train slows down within a couple of seconds, unless the player again walks foreword. Great way to speed things up.
    Not yet confirmed in multiplayer.
  • PS3Logo.pngXboxLogo.png Sometimes, after completing the "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit", if you go near Nigel West Dickens' coach and bump against it (without doing anything else), he will get down from it and run away from you like you just had committed a crime.
  • PS3Logo.pngOddly, in rare occasions, shooting a Chicken will not harm it. Even with the strongest weapons. The chicken will become completely invincible, able to withstand even an explosion.
  • XboxLogo.png Commonly in Undead Nightmare, the zombies and civilians heads will disappear, creating a soft lock in Graveyard Cleanisng and saving towns. Saving while this glitch occurs will result in a game crash. This glitch is linked to an over-production of zombies in one area.
  • XboxLogo.png Rarely in Undead Nightmare . Taming theunicorn then going to free roam will make theunicorn your mount on multiplayer (note the Hungarian Half-Bred must be your multiplayer mount in order for this to work).
  • Rarely if you shoot the hat off of uncle's head it will cause him to stand still and take his pistol out to fix this bug just reload a save

Gameplay (Locations)

  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes an NPC's legs will become stuck in the collection of boxes on the southeast corner of the Armadillo Saloon. The NPC will still be able to turn and fire in his position but not walk in any direction.
  • XboxLogo.png In Thieves' Landing, a glitch may occur when you open the gates at the docks, one may see the gate floating beside the player and remain in John's arm unless the player closes the gate but will leave in an awkward position
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png To get on top of Town Hall in Blackwater, you must break the westernmost window on the back of the building and jump into it. Then select your fists and go into guard (hold LT and RB/R1). Move around until you find yourself on the roof. There are a few outcomes to doing this: you can get on the roof, you can simply appear outside again, go up to Tall Trees, down to Nuevo Paraiso, just above water or end up so high in the air, it takes over 15 minutes to come down. This is possible in both single player and multiplayer.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png To get under the floor in the Hacienda/Villa in Escalera, enter the Hacienda/Villa and go into the back room of the mansion. Then turn around face back towards the entrance on the wall to the right where there is a bookshelf and a potted plant. Get between the wall on the right and the potted plant. Crouch and aim a weapon, then roll to the left and forward a little... if you roll right you'll end up in a room underneath of which you can't get out of without killing yourself.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Another way to get underneath the floor in the Villa in Escalera is to do the same as above, but when you get on the pot, crouch and throw a Fire Bottle at the wall next to you, and you should fall into and underneath the floor. Walk through a place where there are stairs to leave the Glitch.
  • XboxLogo.png While in Chuparosa, the player can glitch from the 3rd floor of the main building to the 1st floor by going on the end of the roof above the bounty poster and pressing B.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Blackwater, the player can destroy windows of some buildings and jump through into an invisible area. Confirmed areas are: Town Hall/Farthest window on the left (the player may be stuck inside and the only way out is to kill yourself)- Bank, First right side window (on the side, not the front. Also, since the player cannot enter here in Free Roam, it can be used to get in here)- and the last house when leaving Blackwater to the South, destroy the window near the door and jump in.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The same glitch as the one mentioned above can be accomplished in multiplayer, in the house within Beecher's Hope. (For the XboxLogo.png they have patched it to make it harder but at the 3 windows on the house if you jump at it while running you are able to make it in)
  • XboxLogo.png In Cochinay in multiplayer, killing livestock will occasionally cause a small posse of Mexican army-men to attack you as if you are wanted. However, no wanted level or bounty will appear and they cannot be evaded. Either you must kill them or be killed to get rid of them.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Casa Madrugada, sometimes the town is filled with snakes, coyote, bobcat and wolves. The only human NPCs in the town are the ones with a bible in their hand - and the man outside waiting to duel with you.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Free Roam under the Railway Track Tunnel North of Armadillo you can leave the map by running into the first beam on the left side, this will cause you to fall out of the map and land above where you fell. There isn't much freedom of movement once out of the map as there is an invisible wall blocking you from going up. You can get further out by running into a tree at the end of the tunnel you are on top but once out there is a lot of undetailed floors that you can fall down and will not be able to get out unless teleported to a posse leader or leaving the game session.
  • XboxLogo.png In Free Roam, In Hennigan's Stead there will be two trees/bushes, one that the player may walk around/through one and the player cannot unless they jump over. Go to the bush you can jump over, next to the cliff/ledge and jump towards the ledge, it may take a few tries, but you will fall through the map and into the "Great Beyond" and fall and your horse will die. You are now stuck underground unless you leave Free Roam or kill yourself with Dynamite. For Reference:
  • XboxLogo.png If you ride your horse up the hill above the train tunnel near Macfarlanes Ranch you can glitch yourself out of the map. Go to the Southern side of the canyon and look for two tall bushes. Just East of those bushes is a smaller bush. If you jump between the bush and the side of the cliff, you should fall through the ground and land on top of the cliff. You may be glitched by an invisible wall and be forced to walk back off of it, but if you keep trying, you should be able to move freely atop the cliff. Walk Northwest up the cliff and voila! You're out of the map! And if you go out too far you will see a "line" in which if you cross, you will fall through th ground and be glitched back somewhere near Pike's Basin.
  • PS3Logo.png Occasionally, in Armadillo, the piano player inside the saloon will inexplicably be floating, in a sitting position, on where his chair should be; meanwhile, his chair is instead balanced on top of this hat.
  • XboxLogo.png When you get on the roof of Blackwater Hotel, and wait for a police officer and then hogtie him, walk to the edge (so outside the low walls) and put him down, you will be teleported to the ground, while the police officer is still lying on the edge. You are not able to move, although you can move the camera. You can aim, but not shoot. Go into dead-eye and mark some lightbulbs, when you've marked as many as possible, you will shoot them automatically. After that, Marston will walk up the stairs of the
    Blackwater Hotel by himself. You can do nothing, except moving the camera and aiming. Marston will climb up the stairs to the roof, and start shooting at lawmen. You can still do nothing. When you go into dead-eye and mark something, Marston tries to shoot but only shoots the wall. He will keep firing, with infinite bullets and no reloads.
  • XboxLogo.png In Blackwater, if you died before turning in a bounty and reloaded from a manual checkpoint, every bounty you capture/kill will not earn you any money. No known fix but starting a new game/ reloading from before you returned to Blackwater.
  • PS3Logo.png if you ride halfway to cochinay near the twisting tracks there is the river to your left with a small water fall. if you sprint towards it in a straight line you will make it to the other side and out of the map. there are only trees there and a square of fire torches and if you keep going you will hit an 'invisible wall'. you can see black water from this location.
  • XboxLogo.png In Manzanita Post, multiple tame Kentucky Saddlers will spawn at hitching posts, however will have no saddle. 3 or 4 can appear at a time.

    A Kentucky Saddler inside the Blackwater safehouse.

  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If done correctly, it is possible to get a horse inside of the Blackwater saloon.
  • PS3Logo.png In Beecher's Hope get a horse inside the barn, go to the top right corner, jump with your horse and press triangle (to get off your horse) and you should end up stuck between the hay, and your hat and head and shoulder will stick through the roof, however sometimes when doing this glitch you may go through the roof or house or the horse may get stuck!
  • PS3Logo.png Far North West of Hennigan's Stead, by a mountain side, if you jump with your horse you will fall for about a minute and the screen will get all screwed up. Also you can't move, fire a weapon, or jump. You are stuck and you cannot die.

A Kentucky Saddler behind the bar in the saloon.

Gameplay (Weapons)

  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, when shooting an NPC with a firearm, it may show the bullet impact even with "Kill Effects" off.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, while playing the Pike's Basin gang hideout, when an NPC is hit by the lasso, they will fall over and won't get up. They will lay on the ground and cannot be lassoed again. This makes completing the Social Club Challenge for this hideout impossible.
  • XboxLogo.png If a throwing knife or a tomahawk is thrown at the chandelier rope in the Whore House in Thieves Landing, it will begin to shake, and then will go off in a random direction, sometimes killing your player. (This has been tested in both Single player and Free Roam)
  • XboxLogo.png If you throw a knife/tomahawk into the water it will fly back, sometimes killing the player.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Auto-aim turns off for non-harmful animals, meaning you must manually aim to shoot deer or birds, or other innocent animals. Reset console to fix.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png A glitch exists for multiple rifles in the single player version of the game; if Marston has the bandolier equipped and has more than 120 rifle rounds, shooting it will bring it down to 99 rounds, reset console fixes.
  • XboxLogo.png When using a gatling gun for the Mexican Army while riding on a train during the mission or from the back of a wagon on the attack on Fort Mercer mission, the game can freeze. The gun will still
  • sound as if it is firing and the controller will continue to vibrate but, the game itself will freeze the screen and only a hard reset of the console will stop this. Have noticed problem seems more prominent when firing gun continuously for many seconds. Firing in 2 to 3 second bursts doesn't seem to trigger the bug. Have not seen problem when using ground mounted gatling guns.
  • XboxLogo.png After using the machine gun in Cochinay when saving the area from the undead in Undead Nightmare, and then equipping your pistol weapon, sometimes the behave just like a machine gun. You will be unable to zoom in, Casual aim, or use Dead-Eye, but you have unlimited ammo and you will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Switch to a non-pistol weapon to fix.
  • XboxLogo.png Sometimes when the player lassoes someone, they will have way fall down to the ground, then immediately stand up, and you are unable to lasso them.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes when the player lassoes someone, their hat will suddenly fly off their head at top speed, zooming out of the camera's sight at an impossible velocity.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes when the player is in a posse and the leader leaves the posse, the player can't auto aim if the player tries to shoot at him (having normal aim on). To fix this the other player needs to send the player a posse invite, the player then accept it and then leave the posse.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When skinning two animals in succession the equipped weapon will default to the Melee Knife (acknowledged glitch by Rockstar)
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes with your back holstered rifle, one type of rifle will always be shown but can never be used, and selecting any other gun will have that gun mixed in with the glitched rifle. Resetting the game will fix this.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, if the player throws dynamite at a coyote, and it explodes under its head, you will find yourself falling through the ground and an incredible speed. The only way to fix this is to reload. This will put the player in the house in Thieves' Landing, weather the player owns it or the player doesn't. If the player doesn't own it, the player will have to open the ammo case. This will cause the player to fall through the floor, and the player should stop at the bottom floor.
  • PS3Logo.png There's a strange glitch that might occur at Armadillo. When inside the saloon, if the player melee attacks a person that it sitting, using the Tomahawk, said person will disappear, even the chair will. Right after that, repeating the process with another person will make Marston appear very high in the air, outside the city, and falling to death.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes when you invert the L1/L2 R1/R2 in the config menu, only the radial weapon switch button will work, disallowing you from drawing your weapons, using cover, and braking on horseback or carriage/stagecoach. Changing this option back doesn't fix the bug. However deleting the Game Options data will reset your options to a working state.
  • XboxLogo.png In Undead Nightmare, in Undead Overrun, getting downed while climbing a fence will make the player stand up. It has only happened in Dead Man Walking.
  • XboxLogo.png Rarely, in multiplayer, all weapons will be invisible, and will be invisible when both holstered and drawn. Sometimes one type of weapons (eg Shotguns) will turn invisible, whilst all other weapon types will be visible.

Gameplay (Items)

  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When buying from shops, one can buy more than the maximum amount that they are able to carry. For example, if Marston has 5/10 baits in your inventory, and the Gunsmith in Blackwater has Bait x10, he is able to buy all 10 of them, though he will only pick up 5. Purchasing the 5 bait from him will max out Marston's stock, making him unable to buy more. This happens for all purchasable items (ammo/consumables) from any store, except for throwable items, in which case pressing down on the right trigger properly sets the quantity to the amount you currently need to max out. Seems to be a perma-bug, as it has always been this way for this user.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In the Southwestern side of Blackwater, there is a small mill. On the Eastern side of the mill there is a log. If you brush your player against the log from side to side it should make ridiculous smashing noises similar to the sound you make when you slide down a steep, sandy cliff, only much louder.


  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Some people break the Kentucky Saddler, American standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-Bred, but do not receive this achievement. The Kentucky Saddler will be given to you on one of the first missions Wild Horses, Tamed Passions (received from Bonnie) After it runs away from the herd it will sometimes not actually count as breaking it. In order to fix this, go back to the same area again, near Warthington Ranch, south of McFarlane's Ranch; it can also be found North-East of Armadillo, near Rattlesnake Hollow. Once you break another one you should get the achievement.
  • XboxLogo.png Downloading the game onto the player's hard drive may render the player unable to achieve the achievements/trophies for completing a mission.


  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngThe code for the Deadly Assassin Outfit doesn't work even though it says it is installed, but when you enter single player the challenges are missing and the outfit is locked.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If you have the War Horse on Single Player and you go to private Free Roam. Go to your mounts and go where your War Horse is meant to be. Select it and return to private Free Roam then call your horse. Every time you join a public session, the War Horse spawns for you. Either this is a secret or a glitch. It was missed or left in the 1.02 patch.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If the player has a golden Tomahawk and throws it, when thrown it switches back to the model of the normal Tomahawk.
  • XboxLogo.png In some countries the Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack will not download and instead give the message: "This game's region does not match this console. It won't be downloaded, and you have not been charged."
  • XboxLogo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, if you kill everyone inside El Presidio a random retcher will spawn. It will spawn a few times inside and, assuming you kill the retcher, it eventually spawns outside the walls.
  • PS3Logo.pngIn the Undead Nightmare DLC, there is a glitch where when there is a few undead wolves attacking, the player will see them standing in mid-air looking as if they are on something attacking it.
  • PS3Logo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, in Blackwater, rarely you may hit a Zombie (with the Torch) and it will, without falling slide across down the street on fire for a few seconds. After it stops (if still alive) it will chase you and attack you as it normally would.
  • XboxLogo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, when doing the "Dead Man Walking" overrun game in multiplayer, leaving in private mode will make zombies spawn in Free Roam killing anything including animals, players and people.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png There is a glitch where, while assisting a missing person, an undead will throw you off of your horse and proceed to mount it. However, they soon disappear from the top of the horse and reappear on the ground in the same spot, but are stuck inside of the horse. The bottom half will be running on the ground while the top half of the zombie extends into the horse's body. If the horse moves the zombie continues to move with it, remaining stuck inside the horse for some time.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png While riding the Unicorn, if you fall off a cliff or the Unicorn dies, if Marston is still alive the Unicorn will sometimes become a rag doll and fly across the map occasionally hitting Marston until a new Unicorn appears.
  • XboxLogo.png When encountering the "Happy Family" random encounter you can walk too close to the zombie wife on the leash and she can grapple you. If you press "Y" to shoot her head off with your handgun, the zombie wife will continue to run around on the leash and attack like a normal zombie, just without the top half of her head. However the husband will attack you just as if you shot his zombie wife anyway. You can kill the zombie wife by aiming at where her head would be and firing, which will kill her for good.
  • PS3Logo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, while doing the "Dead Man Walking" overrun game in multiplayer (this should be done with at least two players) you can replace the torch with the knife. To do this the player must climb to the highest point of the roof of the white house at the south end of the graveyard, then move to the very edge of the roof (facing the town) once the player is there they must switch to their fists, ready them as if he is about to fight (hold down L2) and then move slowly towards the very edge and punch the moment they are about to fall off. If done correctly the player will quickly fall to the ground without ragdolling, and die (this is why you need two players). When the player respawns he will have the knife instead of the torch. The knife is more powerful than the torch (confirmed) and kills zombies in 1-2 hits.
  • XboxLogo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, when you perform an execution on a Bruiser, it may remain alive without a head. It will still attack normally. It is unknown if this happens to other types.
  • XboxLogo.png In Undead Overrun, there's a glitch in the Blackwater Chapel. Climb onto the roof of the house. If you see a crate then that's the house you're going to climb. Go to the other side of the roof and walk until you see a balcony. Stand to the edge of the roof and wait until the time runs out and it's sudden death. Now throw bait at the middle of the road. If you do it right, you will return to Free Roam, but the undead are still there. They cannot be killed by players, except for lawmen. If you get killed by them, it will say 'Player has been killed by somebody'.
  • XboxLogo.png In the Undead Nightmare DLC, a town will suddenly become lost without any warning of a zombie attack. Most commonly MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngDuring the mission Mother Superior Blues after saving Las Hermanas, a glitch can occur during the cutscence where Mother Superior will be invisible however the gun she holds will remain visible, so for the entire cutscene Marston will be talking to a floating gun. (This can also happen to the captain at Fort Mercer during the Missing Souls cutscene. Marston will be talking to a floating hammer.)
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngSometimes, in Undead Nightmare, you may see a Sasquatch roaming out of its normal habitat. Players have reported Sasquatches roaming Blackwater in hordes of undead, around the wreck of the Serendipity, Beecher's Hope, and rarely even MacFarlane's Ranch and/or Thieves Landing! (PS3Logo.png) Rarely, shooting any type of zombie in the head when being attacked out in the Wilderness or when clearing out a town, it won't die,it will continue to fight like normal. The only way to fix this is to shoot it in the "head" again.
  • PS3Logo.png sometimes, if you play the normal game of singleplayer, then go to undead nightmare, if you die by falling, the screen will say 'Dead' not 'Undead' like normally (this cannot be performed on separate disks and is rare and usually happens once you have been killed lots of times).

  • PS3Logo.pngSometimes when Playing the Town Safety Mini Game a Zombie will loose it zombie texture and will wear a regular texture while attempting to kill the player (Very Rare).
  • Usually, if you go into Jorge's Gap, where there are lots of zombies, and you throw boom bait, the zombies will strangly not attack you and they will act as if you are a zombie.
  • PS3Logo.png XboxLogo.png Sometimes after getting 100% completion in undead nightmare, it will say the 100% completion message over and over again, it is unknown what causes this and what the fix is. Even turning your console off and back on wont fix it. So it seems the only way to fix it, is to start a completely new game.
  • Sometimes in Undead Nightmare people and the undead will spawn without heads or arms after 15-20 minutes of playtime, making it impossible to finish the game.(Unknown on how to fix) Horses may also spawn without hooves or manes. This glitch seems to happen only if the user has installed the new update released by Rockstar. One workaround is to uninstall the update or download the whole game again without the updates, as this is the only known fix for the problem.
  • The new update causes many savegames to be corrupted and not load at all, sometimes leading to blackscreens or other times crashing the whole game.
  • Sometimes, characters (mission related or not) may spawn with the wrong model. This includes John Marston as well.
  • {{PS3}} An Undead Cougar can be seen stalking John's stagecoach in the intro cut-scene as he enters Beecher's Hope. However, on occasion the game can glitch and the cougar presumably doesn't load.

Mission Related

          If you shoot the window next to the door where you start Mc Missions you can jump through it and explore the building but if you leave the building through any door the door won't open from the outside.

  • PS3Logo.pngXboxLogo.png During mission cutscenes where a character has their gun already drawn from its holster, the holster will contain a Cattleman Revolver instead of being empty. This happens to John during "The Gates of El Presidio", and frequently happens to Dutch van der Linde during his mission appearances.
  • PS3Logo.pngDuring the mission "On Shaky's Ground", if the player gets off the wagon before the last cutscene and then immediately gets back on you will not get off the wagon and Irish will keep driving you and you may be driven into "Pike's Basin" and Irish will sometimes get off the wagon, start running away and cannot be lassoed or killed. In fact any shots fired at him will go straight through him with no effect whatsoever, no blood and Irish wont fall over or shout in pain.
  • XboxLogo.png During the mission "The Great Mexican Train Robbery", stealth killing the soldier that is doing their business with your Knife may cause the game to freeze. You will have to restart your system to fix this.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png After you bring Jack home safely in "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child", there may be two Jacks standing next to each other while one talks and the other just groans in pain and stares at you in a creepy way.
  • XboxLogo.png In Part 2 of the Funny Man mission (where he is hogtied in a cave), he may die if you follow him out of the cave and there is a rattlesnake in his path. This won't count as a mission failure.
  • PS3Logo.png If, after completing Jenny's Faith, the player lassoes and hogties Jenny and a witness reports it to police, the player will become wanted, but no lawmen will appear and give chase. Therefore, the wanted text will remain red indefinitely. If the player goes to Armadillo, the place will be completely deserted. The bounty cannot be paid off at the telegraph office, and player cannot save in his or her safehouse. It appears to fix itself after a while of riding out around the open roads.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The player is sometimes able to kill the Strange Man after his final appearance. After the cut-scene, turn around and the character may be standing where he first appears for the encounter. The Strange Man can then be fought and killed like any NPC and even looted.
  • PS3Logo.pngAfter the duel on the mission "An Appointed Time", if you used R1/RB to mark tags, right after the duel Marston will automatically go into cover mode and you will not be able to exit it. If you try aiming with a weapon you will be able to move a bit, but will frequently go back into position. All you have to do is throw a fire bottle or dynamite at Reyes and you will retry from the start of the duel. But if you don't have a fire bottle or dynamite, get as near to Reyes as possible and try throwing knives at him and you will eventually be able to retry from checkpoint.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png On the mission "An Appointed Time" after the player kills Williamson, the Colonel will run away and the player along with Reyes will not be able to move. Marston will remain stationary as if he had still not killed Williamson. Use a Fire Bottle to assault Reyes, thus allowing a reset at the previous checkpoint. Also, sometimes when finishing Williamson, Reyes will kill the Colonel, but this will still occur. Given time, though, the game eventually continue back to normal.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png During the last mission after Jack and Abigail leave the barn you can see a second Jack standing motionless in the corner of the barn.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If you go to the wood stack next to the Foreman's Office at MacFarlane's Ranch, take cover at the right side of the wood and go in and out of cover, then you should super jump up to the top of the map. If you don't go that high, then try aiming your gun as soon as you leave the ground.
  • XboxLogo.png While riding out of Armadillo on a train if you punch the engineer then jump off the train then get back on and punch a passenger, you will be shot off the train to the top of the map and fall back down to the ground. This glitch only works if Cheats are active and you are wearing the U.S. Army Uniform.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The movie theater man in Armadillo re-spawns every time you try to rob him. He will run for you and then disappear after 4 seconds, only to re-spawn at his location in the theater. Then he starts running again.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When traveling north on the easternmost road of West Elizabeth, if the player is going at a high enough speed and carrying a whore that has helped Bandits on his horse, once he crosses into Blackwater there will be a tremendous amount of lag, and the player will lose control of their horse. It will laggingly continue to go straight once the road stops and will run inside a building directly through the wall. Once inside, the lagging will stop and the player can see out onto the streets but is trapped within the building.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When doing the Gaptooth Ridge hideout, during the part of the gang hideout inside the mine, miners will glitch and gunfire will occur from inside a wall rather than from a killable person. This indeed happens with the Fort Mercer hideout too, where NPC's randomly spawn inside a wall and the only way to kill them is to shoot their limbs if they show, or throw a stick of dynamite next to the wall, as closely to the NPC as possible.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png At the first location of Eva in Peril before you pay $200 to Mario, there are two Eva's. One is just looking around and one is crying (if you shoot, the crying one will run away and the other one won't react to anything except executing her).
  • XboxLogo.png This may be related to the previous Eva in Peril glitch. After you pay the $200 to release Eva, you will potentially see a man (who may happen to be the guy you paid the money to) holding a knife to another girl. If you save her, it will tell you that you have failed the Eva in Peril mission. Although if you wait a day, you can still proceed to the next part of the mission in the other town.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes when in middle of a fight if you try to cover, the character will be sent flying to the sky leading to death.
  • XboxLogo.png When in a duel with a person that has a hostage, even if you kill the man and not hit the hostage, the game will say that you have failed. Shooting the hostage once, reloading the checkpoint and shooting the man in the face will restore normal gameplay.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png The Invincibility cheat will randomly turn off, and it will turn off if you activate Dead-Eye. It was fixed as of Title Update 1.03.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngDuring the mission you rescue Jack from the bear, sometimes another version of Jack is standing behind the rock during the cutscene and just looking around while the other version ducks and talks to you and comes out
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes in the mission "At Home With Dutch", only two horses appear and you are unable to ride off with Nastas and MacDougal. Use a Fire Bottle to assault Nastas or MacDougal and choose to retry the mission.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Multiplayer Free Roam, when attacking Pike's Basin Gang Hideout, 2 gang members can get stuck underground in the main camp area, making finishing the hideout very difficult. Occasionally, the glitched enemy can be killed by throwing dynamite nearby. Failing this, the hideout may automatically complete after several minutes or restarted.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngIf you do "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" immediately after "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child", right after Jack and Abigail have escaped the Barn, Another Jack NPC can be seen in the background with the scars and blood after the Grizzly meeting.

    A picture of the second Jack in "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"

  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes when you start playing as Jack, random NPCs will come to the Marston Ranch and do things such as cleaning, chopping wood, sleeping, etc.
  • XboxLogo.png If you save your game just before doing the last mission, you are unable to change outfits ever again.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes, randomly during game-play, the game freezes, you have to restart console to play again. Game might also freeze on certain missions, e.g."Wild Horses, Tamed Passions".
  • XboxLogo.png If you start a game of Poker, Liar's Dice or Blackjack with only one person remaining at the table, if the last chair/stool is knocked over then Marston will be unable to move, unable to draw/change weapon and unable to do anything about it. Reload to fix.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes after playing multiplayer (usually for over an hour or more) when exiting multiplayer the game will enter a seemingly endless loading screen, sometime the "loading" text will not even be there during the "process".
  • PS3Logo.png Players have reported having absolutely no bounties appear in Mexico. (Try hanging out in the town for a save or two)
  • XboxLogo.png After accepting a bounty, if the game is saved and then the bounty is claimed alive or dead, the player may then kill themself and the game will reload before the bounty was claimed but with the increase in money and honor, the player may then choose to claim the bounty again. Note: this may not work for all bounties and may only work once per bounty
  • PS3Logo.png In multiplayer free roam, mini-map icons for enemies (red dots) and your horse sometimes disappear after completing a hideout. Fixed by restarting the game.
  • PS3Logo.png In multiplayer free roam, replaying the same hideout a few times often results in noncollectable weapons dropped by enemies. Many of these float a few feet off of the ground. Fix by riding away.
  • PS3Logo.png In multiplayer free roam, restarting a gang hideout sometimes results in a complete game lock-up at the loading screen. Console restart is the only 'fix'.
  • PS3Logo.png In the multiplayer outfitter you can select 'no title'. However, this selection only lasts for the current session. The next time you load the game, you'll have the "Greenhorn" title.
  • PS3Logo.png Trophies may be awarded randomly when they should not be. (requires further confirmation)
  • PS3Logo.png The trophy "More Than A Fistful" may be awarded when you get slightly over $8000 (This may be due to the fact that the achievement is awarded through income rather than possession).
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When a new game is loaded, Marston will not whistle for his horse, yet the up D-pad button still works (proven on start menu). Fix: Go back to previous load.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes when spurring a horse vigorously, the horse and the rest of the game world will stop moving. The camera can still be controlled and tapping X (PS3) or A (Xbox 360) will cause the camera to zoom out. Every 5 or so seconds, the game will move the world on as if the frame rate had been reduced to less than 1 frame per 5 seconds - the horse will change position, however it will not change height - meaning that it can appear to be floating in the air, or under the map. When under the map, tilting the camera will multiply the horse - meaning that you will see the horse at different angles, as if there were more horses there, inside each other. However, Marston will be seen normally. Fix: Go back to previous load/ restart console
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes will attempting to play Poker in Blackwater, Marston will sit down, hold the cards up, and then be transported into "walking mode" The pack of cards will still be in the same position, they were, floating inside Marstons, now downward pointing arms. The cards are attached to Marston, and he will not be able to play Poker again (the option to play is still there "Play Poker ($100) O") and the camera will focus to the same angle when pressing circle
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Animals may occasionally fly into the air when killed.
  • XboxLogo.png When accidentally sliding into water while on horse near Aurora Basin it is possible to walk on water. Eventually you will die if you keep walking down river but game gets really glitch and frame rate drops.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Upon saving game, Marston might occasionally wake up somewhere else, often inside NPCs and animals. The animation for Marston breaks, has the classic "T" shape (arms out by side and legs neatly together). Fix by pressing "Triangle" (PS3) or "Y" (Xbox 360) at random times which may make you fall back to sleep, possibly in the same position, possibly in another place or animal. Another Fix: Load game to the save game you made, or restart console.
  • XboxLogo.png In Multiplayer Free Roam if you steal a two person carriage and place it by the back window of MacFarlane's Ranch (Near the garden area) (Make sure the driver is facing the side of the window.) If you kill the horses your player will jump off the carriage into the House.
  • XboxLogo.png When setting bait Marston sometimes will freeze in place, making animals either run away or get a free meal. (Only solution so far is to re-load)
  • XboxLogo.png While in Outfitter for Multiplayer Free Roam, if it is raining while looking at a locked character, you will be able to see the locked character more clearly (Still dark) you can make out his face and what he is wearing.
  • PS3Logo.png A NPC continues to ride although the rider's horse is sunken half way through the ground and unable to move.Glitch Video
  • XboxLogo.png When Khan the Jaguar is summoned, wolves may kill him before you can get to him. This makes getting the ninth rank of Master Hunter impossible.
  • XboxLogo.png Menu sounds are not influenced by the sound effects volume setting.
  • XboxLogo.png If you get behind the Blackjack player directly across from the dealer in Blackwater and shove him, you will suddenly be teleported to a random spot in the air above the town. The fall is nearly always fatal. It doesn't seem to happen when cheats are activated.
  • XboxLogo.png If you shoot a chicken after the mission "Exodus in America", it will be invincible.
  • XboxLogo.png Wanted poster bounties in Nuevo Paraiso may never count towards the 100% achievement/trophy. For instance, the player's game is at 99.8% complete, with only 2 more bounties left until the player is redeemed. However, when he view a wanted poster, the player receives the same target every time. with the bounty's name not given, and the location being the same every time. The player can go to El Presidio, Escalera or Chuparosa to possibly break the glitch, but it persists nonetheless.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes during multiplayer mode, while killing people and being an outlaw, it may be possible for the law to get stuck in a texture, making them invisible for you, but they can still shoot the player. This can't be fixed, but it's not necessary because the player can always choose another place to hunt the law or changing the multiplayer room.
  • PS3Logo.png Happens in either single or multiplayer. If the player pauses the game or goes to any menu and doesn't touch the controller long enough for it to go into standby, sometimes reconnecting the controller doesn't always allow character input (i.e. walk, turn, draw weapon). The player can still access both menus from select and start. This can usually be resolved by leaving single/multiplayer game and entering the other, or exiting the game and restarting.
  • XboxLogo.png Eternal Bounty- While attempting a fist fight with a civilian NPC in Blackwater, Marston randomly got a bounty, perhaps for accidentally aiming his fists at a nearby police officer. However, the 'bounty area' never showed up and even though the officers were firing at him, they never appeared as red stars. Simply put, the bounty could never be lost because there was no area to run out of. It was also impossible to pay off the bounty as the telegraph stations were all unmanned, presumably from people running away.
  • XboxLogo.png After completing the "Assault on Fort Mercer" mission, it is possible for the player's horse to become stuck in the fort, and will not respond to whistles, because it can not leave the fort. This can be fixed by simply returning to the last saved game.
  • PS3Logo.png In some areas there are pots next to corner walls. If the player jumps in one of those corners, then either he falls down in an eternal pit of doom, or the player gets stuck there and has to reload the game.
  • PS3Logo.png In an area in Tall Trees just south of Bearclaw Camp, it is possible to get your horse stuck between a tree and a cliff. Killing it then respawning it solves this.
  • PS3Logo.png When a minor cutscene is featured (skinning or hogtying) on a railroad track while a train is approaching, the player will not die while being hit by the train. Rather, the player is put on some position on the train.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png While in Mexico, aiming a gun at an NPC in the saloon, next to a corner resulted in Marston being instantly transported high above the map. He was frozen in place floating in midair, with building only visible as bright specks of color. This problem can be fixed by reloading a save or killing oneself with a stick of dynamite. (A similar glitch has also occurred on a PS3Logo.png system, where holding a stick of dynamite until it blew up left Marston high and dry hundreds of feet above Mexico.)
  • PS3Logo.png If you are killed at exactly the same time you are using Medicine, John will die but you won't get the "Dead" screen. He will just lie there, you can't aim or reload but your guns will still fire from the holster.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png On Fort Mercer Gang Hideout one of the outlaws might be merged into one of the walls not allowing you to kill that outlaw. This also appears on Twin Rocks.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In Blackwater, harming the middle-most player can result in flying high into the air and dying.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Shooting either the pigs or the goat in the pen at Dutch's hideout in multiplayer free-roam may cause the amazingly persistent Mexican army to surpass their jurisdiction and come after you. The red wanted circle and the waypoints of all the soldiers show up on your map, but the wanted meter and your current bounty do not appear in the corner of the screen. However it is possible to reach public enemy and beyond as they are still active. This is actually a good place to do the public enemy challenges for a well equipped player, as it is a great bottleneck and not often visited by other players.
  • PS3Logo.png After a random encounter, girl jumping in her cart.
  • XboxLogo.png After the Armadillo U.S.A. mission is over go to options, use the Lewis and Clark cheat, get in a stagecoach ask to go to Blackwater and the stagecoach will spin out of control, you will hear someone scream and the town of Armadillo will be gone. It will reboot after a couple of seconds.
  • XboxLogo.png In Multiplayer, it is possible, when you are on horseback, some other horse may run into you at full speed, the horse merges into you, and you start moving as fast as lightning in the direction that horse ran.You stop moving after some time.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In the multiplayer challenge "Master Hunter II Rank 3" where you have to kill Gordo The Legendary Boar, the challenge does not complete upon killing him, no matter how many times you do it.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png If you hurt one of the Walter brothers in Armadillo you might encounter an elevator glitch.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In the mission when John is killed, and the family stands in the stable, a second Jack will appear. He will be standing clearly visible besides the door, even when Jack and Abigail has riding away.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When fast traveling via campsite to a waypoint (set at Benedict Point when it happened) it is possible for Marston and his horse to appear inside a moving train.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.pngWhen skinning animals at certain angles, the camera shows the player in third-person skinning nothing (invisible dead animal), but sometimes the animal reappears after the skinning is done.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes when looting or skinning, there is no animation at all nor a mini cutscene. Instead, you just gain the items from the looting or skinning. Skinned animals also do not use the skinned model when this occurs.
  • XboxLogo.png) Occasionally when attacking Gaptooth Breach, enemies have been known to spawn inside some of the larger rocks. The enemy is visible on the mini-map, and can shoot the player, giving the impression of a boulder with a gun. The player is not able to shoot the enemy. There is only one way to kill the person. It is to throw dynamite at the bolder and hope that he dies.
  • PS3Logo.png While galloping on your mount on a railroad line, your mount will die for no reason catapulting the player a good 30 meters at high-speed. This has been known to kill the player
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png 'Elegant Suit description discrepancy.' When viewed from the shopkeeper/tailor's inventory, the Elegant Suit's description states that it may be used to cheat at both Poker and Liar's Dice — however, once unlocked and obtained, the final description of the Suit (main menu, "Outfits" section) makes no mention of Liar's Dice and there is no known way to use the Suit to "cheat" anything but Poker.
  • (XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Rarely, when in a gun battle indoors (haven't seen it outdoors yet, anyway) if you shoot someone in the head, they'll fall down dead, but the blood/gore/brain spray from their head will just hover in mid-air and stay there. It's not tangible to John/Jack, and you can't shoot it.
  • XboxLogo.pngSometimes, while using a campfire and playing with Jack, the animation of seated down at campfire will stop and he will be in the normal animation, it may freeze the game, other times nothing happens and the game proceed as normal.
  • PS3Logo.png Sometimes people will spawn with fire on them when riding a horse. They will have no reaction to the fire. You can also die from the fire if you touch them.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When hogtying a victim (particularly in Blackwater), sometimes John Marston freezes up for about 7 seconds, and then hogties the victim in a 3rd-person view.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When paying a merchant for a certain good, sometimes the money you exchange will float to the left of Marston, disappearing occasionally.
  • PS3Logo.png At a gunsmith, if you have rifle ammo full, you can buy more, costing money but not increasing the ammo counter.
  • PS3Logo.png Fort Mercer hideout raid will not complete if you don't follow Leon into the treasure room. Game will "freeze." Marston sits on horse and time moves forward but you cannot bring up the menus or load the game out. Controls also do not work. When you press start, the gameplay freezes as if you were watching a cutscene.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Not much of a glitch, but a bad bug that has been occurring is people with perfect connection will be kicked out of countless online games until they are placed into a free roam with only one person.
  • XboxLogo.png When on a train if you punch the train conductor backwards or off the train he automatically teleports back to the front of the train.
  • PS3Logo.png One notable visual glitch is that at card tables (particularly in Chuparosa), AI card players might sit 2 or 3 feet back from the card table, and if enough card players do so, the Marston may be unable to join the game. (If they select the on-screen prompt to sit down and play, X or A button, they will hear a click noise and see a screen flash, but will not join, even after multiple attempts) This can be solved by simply saving and reloading, but even then, some card players sit 2 feet from the table.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png There are several glitches at the Warthington Ranch. You can run right through a section of the pig pen from the inside but not the outside and weirdly, you can't just walk through it you have to run. Also your mount can sometimes appear on the roof of the barn along with other animals who were inside and will all commit suicide by running off of the roof if you leave your game paused for a substantial amount of time this glitch will happen
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Throwing a fire bottle or dynamite near a window will cause it to go through the wall and through the ground outside as if the window gave it ghost powers.
  • XboxLogo.png PS3Logo.png Locate a cliff near the waterfall north of MacFarlane's ranch; it will say "Tall Trees" once you get to the edge. Get arrested at this spot, and you will be transported to Blackwater. To get back to New Austin, quick save the game, and then kill yourself. Note: If you buy the Manzanita Post property or save, you will have to use your horse to jump the unfinished bridge north of Thieves' Landing to return.
  • XboxLogo.png Possibly after playing Five Finger Fillet, if you consume something a chair might appear prompting the player to play it. If the player does, they will not be able to move for about 3 seconds.
  • XboxLogo.png There is an occasional glitch in which the player cannot change into either DLC outfit (Deadly Assassin, Gentleman's Attire) while in Jack's room at The Marston Ranch.
  • XboxLogo.png There are glitches concerning the changing into and out of the Reyes' Rebels Outfit. When the player selects this outfit, the game may show whatever the player was wearing before, despite saying that the player is wearing the rebels outfit. This can be fixed by changing in and out again. Also, when the player wants to change out of the Reyes' Rebels, the game will show the rebels outfit, but the outfit list will say the player is wearing whichever other outfit he selected. This can also be fixed by changing again.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Sometimes in Blackwater the bartender will pour the drink to the side of the glass, missing it completely, although the glass does indeed fill up.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png Occasionally, while riding a stagecoach to fast travel, the driver may initially charge a lower amount, but take ALL of Marston's money (usually when his money to begin with was under $100). Load a previous save if you had the money that you lost then to get it back.
  • PS3Logo.png Occasionally when raining building will not show up (though will still be there.)
  • PS3Logo.png While doing the Fort Mercer gang hideout and climbing up the crates with Leone's help, you may encounter Martson flashing up to the top of the crates, flashing down to where Leone is, and then proceeding up the crates as normal with Leone's lift.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png During mini-games, your larger gun (in the holster on Marston's back) often disappears in addition to the small gun (waist holster). It should be noted that the small gun is seen during mini-games MORE OFTEN than the large gun.
  • PS3Logo.png The first West Elizabeth bounty (Aurora Basin) will not register as being complete until you bring the bounty back alive.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png After getting a Wanted Level, and being killed by pursuing Lawmen, Marston is jailed. After being released, all of the player's money is gone, sitting at $0. Confirmed in both Blackwater and Armadillo. This only happens if all of Marston's guns are holstered. Keeping a gun in hand should prevent this glitch.
  • PS3Logo.png Zebedee Nash (a Blackwater bounty target), once hogtied, can sometimes not be put on a horse and endless waves of backup enemies pursue you one wave after the next.
  • PS3Logo.png In Blackwater, Poker players (while Marston is NOT playing) may just stand around the table and eventually flash back into their seats.
  • PS3Logo.png Once you have completed a mission involving any loaded form of transport (train, carriage, etc.). If you don't go too far away and return to that spot, the transport has disappeared but anything loaded on it would still be visible in a solid state and floating in mid-air.
  • PS3Logo.pngPS3Logo.png Occasionally when buying newspaper from Armadillo as Jack, you will glitch into the air, go flying miles from Armadillo (Like Odd Fellow's Rest distance), land and die.
  • XboxLogo.png When leaving the barn at the end of "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed", the final Dead-Eye may not appear. It will just play like a cutscene, but it will let you look around as well.
  • PS3Logo.png If you push over the shopkeeper from the general store in Blackwater and then point a gun at him, he will spawn a Repeater and try to kill you. Blackwater policemen will shoot at him, and he will require about 40 shots from them to be killed. This can also be done in Armadillo, but the smaller number of law enforcement there sometimes allows the shopkeeper to fight back and occasionally win.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In the mission "Cowards Die Many Times", the cutscene after you are betrayed by Allende may skip.
  • PS3Logo.png When cracking the Solomon's Folly safe, if one choose to skip the animation of picking the safe after spinning the dials, the wagon might disappear leaving a floating safe.
  • XboxLogo.png In the mission "Women and Cattle", if John hitches his horse and walks up to Bonnie MacFarlane's house, the cutscene will play and the mission will begin as normal. However, John will be unable to mount his horse. No indicator to press the Y button will show up, and even if it is pressed, John will do nothing. As a result, the mission will be impossible to complete or even start. Fix by restarting the console.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png In the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed" after John dies, jump off of the horse as Jack and kill yourself. Now quit the mission and restart it you will skip the cutscene and start the mission only you will be playing as Jack when he was a kid (you will be John after the cutscene when Jack leaves on the horse).
  • XboxLogo.pngWhen on the carriage on the mission "My Sister's Keeper" the two front horses may get stuck in the ground and having no way to get them out. Restarting the console will not solve it.
  • XboxLogo.png While riding on a Kentucky Saddler or any stolen horse in Silent Stead, you may encounter a one winged bird. It will act as normal, and the player may shoot and kill it as normal. This glitch only works after the player completes the mission "The Sport of Kings, and Liars".
  • XboxLogo.png Another glitch in Silent Stead: On very rare occasions while riding shotgun in a stagecoach a bear may run through the horses. The driver and horses will be unaffected. You may shoot the bear, but there is no way to kill it. This glitch doesn't seem to work after the player completes the mission "We Shall Be Together in Paradise".
  • PS3Logo.png While playing the mission "The Assault on Fort Mercer", when the reinforcement wagons come, they may be a few feet above or below the ground.
  • XboxLogo.pngPS3Logo.png When doing the mission "On Shaky's Ground" upon climbing atop the roof of the warehouse, the player may not be able to climb through the window on it. Restarting the mission or turning off the console will fix the bug.
  • XboxLogo.png Not as much of a glitch as it is a game killer, on the mission "Justice in Pikes Basin", if the player follow the marshal to the first camp after killing the bandits, the moment you attempt to open a footlocker, the game crashes and you return to the dashboard.
  • XboxLogo.pngWhen doing a Sepulcro bounty, one of the criminals hiding behind a wall appears to be a wolf. A red spot shows up on the map to indicate its location, which disappears when killed.
  • XboxLogo.pngAfter killing Khan The Jaguar and attempting to be skinned, the player's horse will die for no reason.
  •  On ps3  when you go to las heremanas you will see a nun near the stairs , put not on it apove the stairs where there is no ground . If you pull out your gun she will run in place where she is . And a law man will come .And after that the nun will be gone.

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