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This page was created for the listing of glitches in Red Dead Redemption 2.

By listing the glitches here it should avoid multiple pages for each one scattered over the wiki. This page is solely for glitches featured within the main game for both consoles.

List of Glitches


  • Certain Hats will somewhat go through John's head (Nevada Hat is a great example) however this is nothing more than a visual glitch.
  • It is possible to have John Marston wear his Red Union Suit through a glitch if you have completed the entire epilogue.
    • First, go to Beecher's Hope at night & go to John's bedroom to see if Abigail is in bed with her white pajamas on
      • If she is in bed but doesn't have her pajamas on just keep going in & out of Beecher's Hope or reload a previous save.
    • Next, Sleep in bed for any amount of time, it will then show a cutscene of John with his union suit on in bed with Abigail.
    • Then Save the game during the cutscene & then load that save which will then have John sleeping on his horse outside of Beecher's Hope with the Union Suit on.
      • You can also wear any outfit you want (except custom outfit slots) without a satchel or equipment by going to a wardrobe & selecting an outfit or changing any piece of clothing.
        • You will not be able to save the outfit nor the game with the outfit on as when the save is loaded, John will revert back to the Union suit.
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone The Scout jacket textures may glitch out, taking on a checkered pattern or becoming a single matte color with no texture to it, this frequently happens when wet or worn by an over/underweight Arthur.

Gameplay (General)

  • When you start the mission, "The Wheel," John's model has a possibility of being noticeably skinny, likely due to the game mixing John's model with Arthur's tuberculosis model. This can be fixed either by reloading a save, or finishing epilogue part I
  • The mission "The Artist's Way Part III" in Saint Denis will let you perform unlimited acts of violence without a wanted status. Walk through the yellow area in the art gallery and ascend to the highest floor. Going to the rooftop will let you attack civilians, and the witnesses and wanted status will disappear by themselves, because the cops aren't allowed to pass through the mission area for them to access the rooftop. (In rare cases police will spot you from below, but taking them out will erase your wanted status.) Civilians will also appear from within the art gallery to fistfight you. (Re-entering the gallery with a wanted status can crash the game.)
  • If the player is spotted by bounty hunters after having respawned before they have touched on the controller, no damage from bullets will be taken, if they get attacked while standing still.
  • Sometimes when you start "A Fork in the Road" while your Honor meter is high, a rare glitch may occur when, after being diagnosed by Dr. Barnes, your Honor quickly takes a nosedive down to negative Honor when bad flashbacks happen as soon as you walk back outside. In fact, whenever you try to complete a mission, your Honor meter goes higher then quickly takes a nosedive back down to negative honor.

Gameplay (Locations)

Early access to Blackwater and New Austin
  • It is possible to access Blackwater and New Austin early, during the mission Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor. After the stash is recovered, make sure you are spotted by the law during the escape. Instead of returning to Dutch, you can head to Blackwater or New Austin. In Blackwater, there will be a very limited number of lawmen and The Pinkertons will not spawn in Great Plains. In New Austin, the law is absent and the invisible sniper is disabled.

On v. 1.00, replaying the mission and getting spotted by the law during the runaway will give the player access to the restricted map outside of the mission as well. This was patched on v. 1.06.

Early access to New Austin via carcass shield
  • Another way to access New Austin outside of a mission is to have a Pronghorn or a Cougar carcass stowed on the horse. Become wanted by the law in Strawberry and head to Tall Trees, but make sure the lawmen follow you on horseback. As soon as you reach Manzanita Post lose the wanted level, while heading to cross the Lower Montana River near the waterfall. Get off the horse, pick up the carcass, make sure the camera following is turned off and cross the river. Make sure to keep the camera angle to the side so the carcass covers Arthur's head.[1]
Early access to New Austin using a covered-up wagon / buggy
  • New Austin cal also be accessed with a wagon. Make sure to have the camera following turned off. Steal a covered-up wagon or a buggy near Saint Denis and head to New Austin. The vehicle is fast enough to evade the Pinkertons and will protect the player from the invisible sniper.[2]
Accessing out of map areas
  • It is possible to access the entire Nuevo Paraíso territory in the game, despite it not being part of the game's map.

First, you must head to the southwest end of the map, by Gaptooth Ridge. You must cross over the river with your horse in a certain area, which allows you to cross over to the edge of the map.

Next, you must run your horse up the end of a ravine, and hope that it climbs up. When it makes it up, get off your horse and continually run forward. With enough luck, Arthur Morgan/John Marston will eventually slide through the invisible wall, allowing the player to explore the entirety of Nuevo Paraiso, including the outside of its map borders.

You can also reach Guarma through this glitch.

However this was patched and can only be done on v. 1.00.

  • Another way to accomplish this is to go inside the Hidden Tunnel or any other cave that is part of the map's borders and use multiple drinks in order to do the "Pass Out Glitch". This will make the player spawn out of bounds and from there they can head west towards the end of the San Luis River where they can safely cross the water. It is recommended for the player to find and tame a wild horse in order to speed things up. If this is done before the Epilogue the player should keep a fair distance to the north of the map borders until they reach the low-textured part bellow Gaptooth Ridge, southwest of the Sea of Coronado to avoid activating the invisible sniper in New Austin.

This method can also be used to reach Guarma or any other out of bounds area.

Location specific glitches
  • The audio of Curtis Malloy strangling Moira Calthorpe may play while Malloy is downstairs in his office to give the player a mission, or can play before she is seen alive during the cutscene where you turn in Benedict Allbright.

Gameplay (Weapons)

  • Sometimes Weapon slings will distort & glitch out when a weapon is equipped, especially with the Repeater Carbine & Repeating Shotgun. This is just a visual glitch & can be fixed by switching weapons.
  • Sometimes Weapons will refuse to fire/reload due to a glitch making you vulnerable to enemy fire. This usually can be fixed by letting go of the Aim button or switching weapons.

Gameplay (Items)

  • Sometimes when the player eats something (Food that isn't canned or cigarettes/cigars) multiple times in a row in a short span of time through the Inventory wheel, the player character will do the animation for eating/smoking but will not actually eat/use the item.

Gameplay (Companions/Bodyguards)

  • If the player lures enemies or the law to the camp, a notification will pop up saying that the law or the enemies have been led to the hideout, which will result in a black loading screen and a respawn. If the player manages to kill themselves before the black screeen appears (the easiest way to do so is to keep the health bar low and to use dynamite), they will respawn with some of the members of the gang alongside, usually the ones that have run to help them. The gang members may spawn away from the player, so the easiest way to gather them is to set up a camp. Once having joined the player, they will follow them wherever they go and will act as bodyguards if the player gets in trouble, whether a gunfight or a fistfight they will kill their attackers on the spot, which will result in a wanted level. They will also have their mounts spawn if the player rides away. If they get too far away from them, the companions might despawn.[3]

The glitch doesn't work for the following members: Swanson, Strauss, Pearson, Uncle, Mary-Beth, Tilly, Susan, Molly, Abigail and Jack.

The glitch also works for Cleet and Joe in Chapter 6.

In the epilogue, it is possible to get Rufus as a companion via the glitch since the ranch at Beecher's Hope acts the same way as the camps from the previous chapters.

During this glitch companions are invincible. They can loot bodies and pick up plants. Companions also have the ability to revive their horses, if their mounts are down.

The feature was most likely a cut content, since one of the game trailers showed it as being part of the gameplay, having the "Follow" option appear during the interaction with gang members, but the feature never officially made it to the game.

Unobtainable Documents

It is possible to keep some of the unobtainable books, letter and newspaper scraps at the gang campsite in the satchel. The player must pause the game quickly on the document, then they must go into photo mode and exit out of it.



Mission Related

  • It is possible to kill all the gang members without failing the mission in Banking, The Old American Art by shooting at the wagon in the front at a certain spot in the back with a Shotgun loaded with incendiary rounds. The driver will get off & the wagon will stop, messing up the gang members AI & making them stop. You can proceed to kill them by throwing fire bottles at them, although doing this will not allow you to complete the mission.


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