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Go Rustling is a companion activity in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is unlocked after completing the mission "Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor" in chapter 4.

Mission Overview

Uncle and Arthur head to Hill Haven Ranch to rustle some cattle to sell to Clay and Clive for cash.


Uncle and Arthur Morgan head up to Hill Haven Ranch to steal Squears' cattle. Uncle, who had already encountered him before, expects the robbery to be a child's play and also expresses his dislike for the rancher. Upon arriving at the ranch, they realize two other rustlers had the same idea of stealing the cattle as them. Uncle then let's the player decide what to do with them.

If the player approaches the duo while aiming a gun at them:, Arthur will pretend he is the ranch owner and gives the outlaws a count of five to leave the property. This causes the rustlers to ride off in fear.
If the player is detected by the two:, they will start shooting at Arthur and Uncle, leaving killing them as the only option.

After dealing with the rustlers one way or another, the player is required to shoot the pen's lock, waking Squears up. After making the cows leave the pen, the rancher will storm out of his house, enraged but still dazed. After screaming at Arthur and Uncle, he tries to approach them, but runs into a post of his house, knocking himself out. This allows Arthur and Uncle to leave without another confrontation.

They take the cattle to Clemens Cove, expecting the Davies Twins to pay a good price for them. However, Clay tells them he will only pay them a maximum of $50, due to Squears being an acquaintance of his. Arthur becomes slightly infuriated, but tries to negotiate with Davies. They ultimately agree on a payment of $100. After Clive gives them the money, Arthur and Uncle walk off.

Missable Items in the Mission




Red Dead Redemption 2 - Companion Activity 14 - Rustling (Uncle)



  • Unlike as in other missions, none of the total take is added to the camp funds after the mission. Instead, the $100 given to the player by Clive Davies is split up between Uncle and Arthur, with the latter receiving 60 per cent of the cut, as agreed in the opening cutscene.
  • At the very end of the mission, Uncle asks the player to ride back to camp with him. All missions with similar endings let the player choose to come along or refuse, whereas in this mission Arthur simply refuses.
  • If Squears is killed, his corpse will not despawn even after completing the mission.



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