Mrs. Grace Landing, his wife. Society patroness, lover of the arts, crook.. and my former best friend.
Jessica LeClerk discussing Grace Lancing

Grace Lancing (née Brown) is a minor, but key character and one of the main antagonists featured in Red Dead Online.



Grace is a society patroness, art enthusiast, and the sister of notorious outlaw Teddy Brown. At some point before 1898, she married wealthy and well-respected landowner Amos Lancing and became close friends with Jessica LeClerk, the wife of Amos' business partner Philip.

Events of Red Dead Online

In 1898, the Lancings and Jeremiah Shaw conspired to take over Philip's business and had Teddy murder him in Blackwater. Not long after, Jessica came to suspect that they were behind the murder and had her assistant Horley release the protagonist, who was wrongfully accused of the murder, from prison so that they could help exact revenge.

After killing Teddy and Amos and dealing with Shaw, Jessica and Horley are forced to go on the run but plan on pursuing Grace at some point later, as she is the last one of the conspirators behind Philip's death left. Until then, Jessica settles with knowing that Grace lost both her husband and brother.



Not much is known about Grace's personality, as she is never seen in person. However, from her actions it can be deduced that she is a greedy individual, as she planned the murder of Philip LeClerk to take over his business, despite her husband, Amos, already controlling a significant share. This also ended her friendship with Jessica, implying that Grace never cared about her as much as she did about herself.

Mission appearances

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