A grapple is an attack that the undead can execute on John Marston in Undead Nightmare.


The undead grabs John until one of three things happens:

  1. If the player isn't at low health when the grapple starts, John will shake the zombie off himself after sustaining some damage.
  2. If the player has drawn his handgun before being grappled, they are given the option to "execute" the zombie during a grapple. Pressing the button when prompted will cause John to take his handgun, put it under the zombie's chin, and fire.
  3. If John has already sustained heavy damage by the time the grapple has started, and misses the opportunity to execute the undead, it will bite into John's neck, killing him instantly.


  • Once the player has become undead, they cannot be grappled for the rest of the game.
  • If you turn on the Invincibility Cheat, get grappled, and then get bit on the neck, all undead will ignore you, but if you hogtie and pick up an undead, all the undead will begin to attack you again and, for some reason, the Invincibility Cheat will lose its effect. This can be seen in this YouTube video.
  • It's possible for a human NPC to grappled by an Undead, and if they fail to execute the Undead or shake loose, they too can be bitten. Strangely, they will simply die, and won't turn undead.
    • This is because NPC's can only get zombified in a scripted scene.

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