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Greg "Big Oaf" Whitney is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


Big Oaf and his son, Loaf, are outlaws in the Bloody Tom Gang.


During the mission "Bounty Hunter", Red Harlow unknowingly walks into the Bloody Tom Gang's base of operations, Twin Rocks. After most of the gang is dispatched, "Bloody" Tom himself, along with Big Oaf and Loaf, come out and attempt to kill Red. Tom and Big Oaf charge at Red immediately, and both are killed. Greg also appeared in mission Range War.

Showdown Mode

After completing the level "Bounty Hunter" with an Excellent rating, "Big Oaf" Whitney becomes available as a playable character.


  • Sheriff Bartlett writes in his journal that a doctor came to Brimstone one day looking for Big Oaf. The doctor claimed to be Big Oaf's father, which surprised Bartlett.
  • He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Wanted - Dead or Alive section.
  • According to Sheriff Bartlett's Journal, Big Oaf has the second highest bounty in the game of $750 with the highest being Jesse Lynch with $800.


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