Grizzlies East is a constituent region of the Ambarino territory in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Grizzlies East, much like its western neighbor features steep cliffs and difficult mountain passes. The area is bordered by Grizzlies West and Cumberland Forest to the west and Roanoke Ridge to the east. All of New Hanover territories borders the region east, south and southwest. The Dakota River starts within this region and flows towards Big Valley and The Heartlands, eventually going into to Flat Iron Lake.

The area lacks snow, but abundant woodland covers the rest of the region. The area may also be volcanically active due to the presence of hydrothermal springs and geysers.

Much of the terrain is steep and inaccessible so travelers have to be wary on sudden drops when traversing the paths. Deep within the forest lies the home of the Wapiti Indians, the Wapiti Indian Reservation. It is founded after being driven off from their original place in The Heartlands by oil seekers and industrialists.

Due to the isolation, there is abundant wildlife roaming around Grizzlies East. There is a large body of water called O'Creagh's Run where it is a prime spot for fishing. However, it is also home to large predators such as the elusive Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear. The place is suitable for hunting due to a large population of deer and small animals living in the forest.

Like its neighbor Grizzlies West, Grizzlies East is based on various areas in the Rocky Mountain states. Grizzlies East especially resembles the Gore Range in Colorado and the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

Locations in Grizzlies East

Native Plants




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