An outfit suitable for blizzard or ball.
In-game description
The Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit is an outfit which can be obtained by the player in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


Complete with Whitfield Pants, French Dress Shirt, Legion Vest, Plated Relentless Boots, Vaquero Riding Spurs, and Montana Coat, it is finished with a Grizzlies Gun Belt and hat.

It is suitable for traversing wild gorges cascades, boulder-strewn bluffs, crevasses, avalanches, and fighting frostbite.

Our new outfit pays honour to the outlaw spirit of the residents of The Grizzlies – and the struggle against death and starvation under the final darkness of feet of snow. The superficial charms of matrimony or honest labour may convince you of happiness. Only upon acquiring this noble outfit from Wheeler and Rawson, and fighting completely alone through Mother Nature's daily attempt to snuff out your light, will true happiness set in.[1]


The outfit cannot be bought due to the nature of the content but can be equipped by the player if they enter the wardrobe in the gang's camp or in a store. In order to acquire the outfit in Red Dead Online, one merely has to enter the general store in Valentine and find the outfit in the exclusive outfit category, free of charge.


  • Players whom had bought Red Dead Redemption 2 were unable to acquire the outfit until a month after the game's launch due to the fact that it, along with the High Roller Double-action Revolver (RDR 2), the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse and Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle, was included in the PS4 Early Access content.


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