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Guido Martelli is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a major character in Red Dead Online, as part of the Blood Money update.[1]



Guido Martelli is the right-hand man and underboss of Angelo Bronte, the head of the Italian mob in Saint Denis. He is loyal to his employer, and, in many ways, as ruthless and feared as him. Due to his position within Bronte's organization, Martelli is responsible with handling certain affairs on Bronte's behalf, such as bribing the Saint Denis Police Department to ignore the Italian mob's criminal activities.[2]

Events of Red Dead Online

Blood Money

In 1898, Martelli contacts the protagonist to meet him in Saint Denis. Once they arrive, Martelli enlists the protagonist's help in finding and retrieving Capitale, private bonds used by the Italian mob in their business dealings to avoid paying taxes. A large number of Capitale has been recently acquired by ordinary outlaws, and Martelli needs it removed out of the circulation to return it to its original value. In return, Martelli will provide the protagonist with new business opportunities involving Senator Antoine Ricard, who has been causing trouble for the Italian mob lately. Before the protagonist leaves, Saint Denis police chief Benjamin Lambert arrives with a captured outlaw and some stolen Capitale. Martelli holds the man at gunpoint and questions him about where he has obtained the Capitale, before leaving him in Lambert's hands to be imprisoned and face justice for his crimes.

After this, the protagonist can receive tips regarding the locations of Captiale from any of Martelli's associates: Anthony Foreman, James Langton, Joe, and Sean MacGuire. After collecting enough Capitale, the protagonist can hand it to Martelli, who in return will tell them where they can steal any of the three famous jewels from Senator Ricard's collection. Martelli narrates all three robbery missions.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Martelli's only appearance in the game is when he attends Mayor Henri Lemieux’s party in the mission "The Glided Cage". He is seen standing next to Angelo Bronte when Dutch van der Linde and Arthur Morgan arrive to meet with Bronte.

Following Bronte's death at the hands of the Van der Linde gang in 1899, Martelli takes over his empire and quickly establishes himself as the new kingpin of organized crime in Saint Denis. By 1907, he rules the city with an iron fist, even more so than Bronte before him.

In the mission "Bare Knuckle Friendships", Charles Smith briefly talks about Martelli, mentioning to John Marston that he made a deal with him to throw a boxing match. However, Charles bets on himself and backs out of the deal, winning the match. Enraged, Martelli sends some of his men to track down Charles and get revenge and their money back. Four of Martelli's men confront Charles and John on the dockside but are swiftly gunned down by the pair. Charles and John then make their escape, during which the former says it's imperative that they do not get caught by the police, as there would be no chance of denying any wrongdoing, and that Martelli would ensure that they "wouldn’t get out of the interview room", reflecting his high level of control over the Saint Denis Police Department. After this, Martelli is not mentioned again.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Online
  • Blood Money introduction cutscene
  • Blood Money Opportunity - "Convington Emerald"
  • Blood Money Opportunity - "The Ember of the East"
  • Blood Money Opportunity - "Il Sovrano"


  • Despite never speaking during his brief appearance in single-player, Guido Martelli was credited with a voice actor - Emanuele Ancorini.
  • The player can encounter his men in a random encounter at Doyle's Tavern.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Vito Corleone from The Godfather film trilogy.
  • The game's credits incorrectly refer to him as "Guido Martinelli".