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Gus Macmillan is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



Gus Macmillian is a retired big game hunter and a master craftsman that specializes in making clothing and accessories out of animals. Gus once slaughtered twenty elephants in Africa due to losing a bet.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player first encounters Gus at the Welcome Center in Strawberry boasting about the pros of hunting for profit, much to the contempt of conservationist Harriet Davenport. He gives the player his card to contact him regarding animal pelts.

Afterward, Gus can be found on the map selling high-quality garments and trinkets with special benefits made from perfect quality animal parts, skins, and hides that the player brings him. He also buys whole animals, skins, furs, hides, and feathers.


Like the Trapper in Story mode, in addition to selling items and equipment, Gus can craft clothing and trinkets for players who provide the necessary components, for a price. The below tables detail these crafted items, the garment sets they're a part of or otherwise, and the trinkets that can be made by him, provided that he has the right materials and fees.

Garment Sets

The Legendary Animals Set Cost ($) Components
Marble Coat 640.00 Legendary Marble Fox Pelt (x1)
Moonstone Coat 772.25 Legendary Moonstone Wolf Pelt (x1)
TOTAL 1412.25


Trinket Cost ($) Components
Beaver Tooth Trinket 795.00 Beaver Tooth (x2)

Calumet Turquoise Earrings (x1)

Buck Antler Trinket 775.00 Buck Antler (x1)

Dane Topaz Necklace (x1)

Javelina Tusk Trinket 500.00 Javelina Tusk (x1)

Elliston Carved Bracelet (x1)

Ram Horn Trinket 550.00 Bighorn Horn (x1)

Aubrey Onyx Ring (x1)

Snowy Egret Trinket 800.00 Snowy Egret Plumes (x3)

Braxton Amethyst Necklace (x1)

TOTAL 3420.00

Mission appearances

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