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Sir, you're about to lose some teeth!

Gus McCloud when assaulted

Gus McCloud is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Gus McCloud is the blacksmith at MacFarlane's Ranch.


Gus can be seen working in his shed near the corral at MacFarlane's Ranch, usually making horseshoes. The player can also catch McCloud in his leisure time to play a game of Horseshoes and bet money. However, Gus has been known to travel around New Austin, often visiting Benedict Point and Armadillo.


Did I actually lose?
Gus McCloud in disbelief after losing a game of Horseshoes
Stop the press, it's mister famous!
Gus McCloud when the player has high fame
You wanna scrap? Let's scrap!
Gus McCloud, during a fistfight


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