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Sheriff Hanley is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Hanley was elected as the sheriff of Strawberry at some point before 1898.

Events of Red Dead Online

If the player becomes a bounty hunter, they can capture various wanted individuals that appear on the bounty board outside Hanley's office, and bring them in dead or alive. Hanley will pay for the price on them and make a comment depending on whether the criminal is alive or dead.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

In 1899, he arrested Micah Bell and an unnamed O'Driscoll in Strawberry, due to a drunken fight in which the former murdered two O'Driscolls, and sentenced them to be hanged.

On Dutch's orders to rescue Bell, Arthur Morgan approaches Sheriff Hanley in his office posing as a bounty hunter, asking if he can visit the prisoners. Hanley refuses, saying that Arthur can visit them the following morning when they are hanged. Arthur manages to break Micah out of jail himself, causing a large gun battle to erupt, during which Hanley is killed by either Arthur or Micah. After his death, he is succeeded by Vernon Farley as the sheriff of Strawberry.



Hanley is shown to take his job very seriously and wants to see criminals brought to justice. He is also shown to dislike bounty hunters, which is exemplified when he dismisses Arthur when he attempts to guise as one.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Online


We don't deal with bounty hunters round here, son.
Hanley's first words to Arthur
Well, they weren't friends. They got in a fight... two men got killed. Now one of'em's an idiot... the other's some kind of dumb mick... so maybe them's your boys. You can look right enough... when we hang'em.
Hanley dismissing Arthur
God damn it! Take that son of a bitch down!
Hanley when the jailbreak occurs
I knew you was scum, moment I laid eyes on you!
Hanley to Arthur


  • Hanley cannot be encountered in Red Dead Redemption 2 outside of "Blessed are the Meek?". Even if the player visits Strawberry before his death, Farley will be the town's sheriff and Hanley will be absent.
    • Likewise, if Hanley isn't killed during the mission, he will not be encountered afterward.
  • His loot will always consist of a Silver Emblem Ring.
  • There is an unused cinematic scene for Hanley for the Epilogue found in the PC files of the game.[1]