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Ladies and gentlemen, without justice we're no better than animals.
Harmon Thomas

Sheriff Harmon Thomas is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



After the death of Sheriff Leigh Gray in 1899, Harmon Thomas is elected as the next Sheriff of Scarlett Meadows. He remains sheriff of the county as of 1907, at which point he has earned himself a reputation for cleaning up the town of Rhodes, and ridding it of Gray and Braithwaite influence.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The player can deliver the bounty targets Mark Johnson, Robbie Laidlaw, and Camille de Millemont to him.

In 1907, Sadie Adler and John Marston bring in a criminal named Ramón Cortez, a member of the Del Lobo Gang. He asks for the two of them to help guard Cortez while he waits for his deputies to arrive, which they agree to do. Unfortunately, during the wait, the Del Lobos attack, and the three are forced to engage them. Although they kill most of the gang members, some manage to blow a hole in Cortez's cell that allows him to escape. Sheriff Thomas tells John and Sadie that if they bring back Cortez, he will pay them an additional $75. They do this, and Thomas loads Cortez into the back of a jail wagon to take him to Saint Denis, where he will be hanged.



Harmon Thomas has a strict personality, a no-nonsense man with a clear view of justice, as unlike Leigh Gray, he takes his job seriously and efficiently clears the town of Rhodes from Braithwaite and Gray influence. He is generally compassionless and unforgiving towards criminals, publicly executing Mark Johnson despite his attempt at redemption, seeing it as nothing more than his duty. Thomas can also be grateful at times, thanking John Marston and Sadie Adler for turning in Ramón Cortez after his escape.


Thomas has a white variant of the Military Cavalry Hat, with an average complexion, he sports a long, bushy moustache. He wears a white everyday shirt with an opened yellow vest, a typical leather belt and holster and some dark brown coat, pants and boots. He's often seen covered in the red, dusty soil that Scarlett Meadows is made of. By 1907 his appearance hasn't changed noticeably.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


Last thing I need is fools like this thinking they can take us back to the... bad old days.
Thomas referring to Ramón Cortez
Whiskey and sunshine don't mix.
Thomas pointing out the good weather
Every year goes by we lose the true south just a little bit more.
Harmon Thomas, 1907


  • Sheriff Thomas can occasionally be found acting drunk at the Rhodes Parlour House and the player can comment on his drunkenness. Antagonizing him will not result in a Wanted Level.
    • His presence here can notably allow an aggressive player to force him to flee, unlike other lawmen. If he runs close to horses during this, he will attempt to leave town on horseback.
  • Thomas can be seen in Rhodes acting as a deputy prior to Leigh Gray's death,[citation needed] later assuming his position as the Sheriff of Rhodes after the events in the mission "A Short Walk in a Pretty Town".
  • Sheriff Thomas can often be heard talking negatively about Leigh Gray, likely looking down upon him due to his incompetence and corruption.
  • During the mission "A Quick Favor for an Old Friend", Sheriff Thomas can be seen using a custom Carbine Repeater with blackened steel, walnut varnish and a leather wrap, closely resembling Sadie Adler's Carbine Repeater.