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Harriet Davenport is a major character featured in Red Dead Online.



Harriet Davenport is a naturalist and conservationist. She states that she has spent three years in the wilderness studying the hidden interconnection between animals of all species.

Harriet has a sister, who believes that she is an embarrassment to the Davenport name and that she should get married and start a family.

Events of Red Dead Online

Harriet is first seen at the Welcome Center in Strawberry expressing her disdain for hunting innocent animals for profit to Gus Macmillan. She asks the player to help her study legendary animals, offering to pay them. However, the player must first buy a Sample Kit, which unlocks The Naturalist role.

The player can then assist Harriet in her naturalist efforts by obtaining samples without killing the animals or photographing the wild animals from a safe distance. They can also aid her in in stopping the proliferation of animal poachers by raiding their encampments and liberating caged animals.


Harriet despises the killing of animals. She hates that Gus Macmillan and his associates are killing animals for profit. Harriet's attitude towards the player will change based on whether or not they have recently killed animals.

If the player has killed no animals for a good while, she will be very polite and act happy to see the player. Having recently killed animals will result in her condemning the players' actions or even outright insulting them.

If the player has killed enough animals, she will spray them in the face with her hallucinogen spray, causing them to pass out and wake up nearby. She will then refuse to do business with the player for a short period of time.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


You've got some nerve! You think that I wouldn't find out? You're no better than that savage Macmillan.
If the protagonist kills too many animals.
Oh, I know what you've been up to, word travels fast in the forest. Well...I won't stand for it.
If the protagonist kills too many animals.
Have you no shame? Treating that beautiful creature like a bolt of cloth. It's terrible.
If the protagonist wear a legendary animal outfit.
I can barely look at you in those bloodrags. Would you dress in a human skin, too?
If the protagonist wear a legendary animal outfit.


  • Harriet appears to based on real-life naturalists Harriet Morgan and Harriet Mann Miller. Notably, however, Harriet Davenport is much younger than the two during the events of Red Dead Online.