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Harrietum Officinalis is a plant that can be found in Red Dead Online. Harriet Davenport discovered the herb and named it after herself.

Naturalists must be a Rank 5 or above to inquire about Harriet’s knowledge of Vitalism Studies.


Tiny scarlet and amethyst flowers.[1] The plant allows lets the player transform temporarily into an animal. Harriet gives the player the first pamphlet, Field Diary and Notes by Harriet Davenport, Vitalism Studies: Buck, after the initial cut scene.

The player must collect three or five (depending on the animal) of these plants to be able to transform into an animal.

In order to "communicate" with a buck, the player must go to the tree depicted in the pamphlet. The tree is found south of Hanging Dog Ranch, along the Little Creek River in Big Valley. At the tree using Eagle Eye, a golden scent coming from a patch of dirt can be seen. Investigating it will allow the player to turn into a buck.


The plant can be found all over the map but is primarily located in New Hanover and West Elizabeth.

Vitalism Studies pamphlets


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